Anomaly Detector

Easily add anomaly detection capabilities to your apps.


Meadow.Cloud and Azure, putting the “I” in IoT | .NET Conf 2023
11/18/2023, dotNET
Today, getting an embedded device into production means successfully connecting to the cloud and sending data to inform real-time decisions. In this talk, we will show how developers can use a...
#127 - The one with Backup with ANF (Ralf Klahr) | SAP on Azure Video Podcast
1/21/2023, SAP on Azure
In episode 127 of our SAP on Azure video podcast we talk about creating Maintenance Request in SAP S/4HANA using SAP Build Apps(aka AppGyver) and Azure Anomaly Detector. Then we talk about...
5 Popular Ways to Realize Anomaly Detection with Azure Anomaly Detector
9/27/2022, Microsoft Reactor
In this session, you’ll learn about the Azure Anomaly Detector service and 5 popular ways to use that in Synapse, AML, Databricks, Azure Data Explorer, PowerBI. You’ll see cool demos in the live...
Explore Decision Support  (Anomaly Detector)
7/26/2022, Microsoft Reactor
Game of Learners Clinics for ML (Machine learning) and AI (Artificial intelligence) is a 5-week Skilling initiative to level up in Artificial Intelligence on Azure. You will learn how to build...
Low-Code Tutorial - Anomaly Detection In Synapse
6/1/2022, Microsoft Reactor
In this tutorial, we will give a basic overview of the Anomaly Detector service in Cognitive Services, and how it can help in multiple industries like IoT, DevOps, and digital businesses to find...