Virtual WAN

Optimize and automate branch to branch connectivity through Azure


Learning Modules

Design and implement hybrid networking
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 1:03:00
You learn how to design and implement hybrid networking solutions such as Site-to-Site VPN connections, Point-to-Site VPN connections, Azure Virtual WAN, and Virtual WAN hubs.
Troubleshoot cloud and hybrid connectivity in Microsoft Azure
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 0:42:00
Troubleshooting cloud and hybrid connectivity includes Microsoft ExpressRoute, Azure virtual networks, and Azure Virtual WAN. This module enables you to manage and troubleshoot different network configurations to support your organization’s needs. AZ720 AZ-720 az-720 networking
Introduction to Azure Virtual WAN
Published: 1/13/2023, Length: 0:40:00
Consider constructing a wide area network (WAN) using software-defined Azure Virtual WAN networking services.