Power Virtual Agents

Create powerful AI-powered chatbots for a range of requests.


Learning Paths

Enhance Power Virtual Agent bots
Published: 1/9/2023, Length: 1:59:00

Learn how to create and manage bots with Power Virtual Agents.

Levels: Intermediate

Roles: App Maker, Administrator


Learning Modules

Build Power Automate flows for your chatbot - Online workshop
Published: 6/19/2023, Length: 0:26:00
Learn how to build Power Automate flows for your Power Virtual Agents chatbot to automate more customer support.
Build effective bots with Power Virtual Agents
Published: 4/11/2023, Length: 0:56:00
Learn the techniques and best practices that help to create chatbots that users want to interact with.
Solution Architect series: Evaluate Power Platform analytics and AI
Published: 3/16/2023, Length: 0:41:00
Learn about reporting and analytics in Microsoft Power Platform.
Solution Architect series: Power Platform architecture
Published: 3/10/2023, Length: 0:54:00
Learn about Microsoft Power Platform architecture.
Use Azure Cognitive Services for Language in a Power Virtual Agents bot
Published: 1/13/2023, Length: 0:33:00
This module describes the setup that’s required to use Azure Cognitive Services for Language to enhance the capabilities of a Power Virtual Agents bot.
Solution Architect series: Testing and go-live
Published: 9/15/2022, Length: 0:22:00
The solution architect role is continuous; they must also deploy the solution.