Bicep is a language for declaratively deploying Azure resources.


Learning Paths

Fundamentals of Bicep
Published: 9/14/2022, Length: 3:18:00

Learning Modules

Choose the best Azure command line tools for managing and provisioning your cloud infrastructure
Published: 5/25/2023, Length: 0:28:00
Learn the basic concepts of infrastructure as code, explore the key differences between the Azure CLI, Azure PowerShell, Bicep, and Terraform, and decide which command line tools best meet your organization's needs.
Automate Azure infrastructure change reviews by using Bicep and GitHub
Published: 5/25/2023, Length: 0:34:00
Build an automated pull request workflow for Bicep code. Lint code automatically during every pull request, and deploy temporary ephemeral environments by using GitHub and GitHub Actions.
Deploy child and extension resources by using Bicep
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 0:36:00
Learn how to deploy child and extension resources, and refer to existing resources, within your Bicep code.
Build reusable Bicep templates by using parameters
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 0:39:00
Control and apply parameters to a Bicep template while protecting sensitive inputs.
Extend Bicep and ARM templates using deployment scripts
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 0:33:00
Learn how to add custom steps to your Azure Resource Manager templates (ARM templates) and Bicep files by using deployment scripts.
Create resource template for Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 0:43:00
Learn about automated Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL resource deployments using the Azure Resource Manager with JSON and Bicep templates.
Implement Bicep
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 0:24:00
Implement Bicep
Review Azure infrastructure changes by using Bicep and pull requests
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 0:28:00
Learn how to protect your main Git repository branch from accidental Bicep code changes, and how to use pull requests to review your team's Bicep code.
Introduction to infrastructure as code using Bicep
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 0:30:00
Describe the benefits of using infrastructure as code, Azure Resource Manager, and Bicep to quickly and confidently scale your cloud deployments.
Deploy resources to subscriptions, management groups, and tenants by using Bicep
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 0:38:00
Learn how to deploy resources to subscription, management group, and tenant scopes within your Bicep code.
Migrate Azure resources and JSON ARM templates to use Bicep
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 0:51:00
Learn how to migrate your Azure resources to Bicep.
Structure your Bicep code for collaboration
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 0:45:00
Learn how to create modular, reusable, and documented infrastructure as code by using Bicep, and enable team collaboration in the process.