Azure Blob Storage

Massively scalable and secure object storage.


Learning Paths

Secure compute, storage, and databases
Published: 1/19/2024, Length: 3:43:00

Learning Modules

Plan and implement security for storage
Published: 12/28/2023, Length: 1:19:00
This module is designed to provide administrators with the knowledge and skills required to plan and implement comprehensive security measures for Azure storage resources, safeguarding data integrity, confidentiality, and availability.
Guided Project - Azure Files and Azure Blobs
Published: 10/23/2023, Length: 1:14:00
In this module, you practice storing business data securely by using Azure Blob Storage and Azure Files. The lab combines both learning and hands-on practice.
Design data integration
Published: 5/23/2023, Length: 0:34:00
Azure Architects design and recommend data integration solutions.
Explore Azure Blob storage
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 0:23:00
Learn the core features and functionality of Azure Blob storage.
Access data from Azure Blob Storage by using multiple protocols
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 0:36:00
You can access your data from Azure Blob Storage by using different protocols such as representational state transfer (REST), Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Network File System (NFS), and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).
Create a Content Delivery Network for your Website with Azure CDN and Blob Services
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 1:03:00
Learn how to create and utilize a Content Delivery Network (CDN) within Azure to host commonly used assets, such as images in a website. The module covers Azure CDN and uses Blob Storage as an underlying storage model for stable or non-volatile data.
Gather metrics from your Azure Blob Storage containers
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 1:01:00
Find out how to use Azure Storage Analytics to track the performance of your Blob Storage containers and to display that blob performance in your dashboard.
Analyze performance indicators for Azure Blob Storage
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 0:46:00
Learn how to analyze the performance indicators for Azure Blob Storage.
Work with Azure Blob storage
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 0:38:00
Learn how to use the Azure Blob storage client library to create and update Blob storage resources.
Access Metrics from your Azure Blob Storage Containers Programmatically
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 0:42:00
Discover how to use Azure Monitor to gather performance metrics and then configure and access those metrics from .NET application code.
Upload images to Azure Blob Storage from a static web app
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 0:25:00
Learn how to securely upload images to Azure Blob Storage from a static web app by using an Azure Function to generate on demand shared access signatures.
Architect modern applications using Azure SQL Database
Published: 5/17/2023, Length: 0:49:00
Break down a scenario for an application and build a multi-service solution based on the microservices approach. Learn how to use modern database capabilities to build a foundation for applications.