Web Application Firewall


Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 5/4/2017, Video, 0:58:03
    In this keynote session, come learn how to build, deploy, scale, and monitor large, global web applications in Microsoft Azure leveraging the full Azure networking stack. In...


Learning Paths

Introduction to key Azure networking services
Published: 2/11/2021, Length: 3:14:00
Decide what Azure networking services are right for you with this introduction to key Azure networking services.
Introduction to Secure Application Delivery with Azure network security
Published: 4/20/2021, Length: 2:15:00
Learn to protect your network from cyber security attacks with secure application delivery.

Learning Modules

Introduction to Azure Web Application Firewall
Published: 2/10/2021, Length: 0:40:00
Design and implement network security
Published: 7/16/2021, Length: 1:26:00

Web Application Firewall News

5/13/2022, MS Tech Community
  This blog was authored in collaboration with @Inwafula .   In recent years, cloud computing has grown in leaps and bounds due to its flexibility and agility in supporting business goals. Not...
5/7/2022, Azure Podcast
Kyle Teegarden, a Senior PM in the DevDiv group, gets us re-acquainted with the Redis offering on Azure and discusses all the latest features including the Enterprise tier. Media...
Cyberattacks are becoming more common and advanced with growing attack surfaces due to the proliferation of mobile and IoT devices and increasing cloud adoption. To help our customers address...
3/30/2022, MS Tech Community
One of the best kept secrets in Azure is Azure Active Directory (AAD) Application Proxy. When exposing web applications running in Azure or on-premises, we all tend to look at services such as...
1/25/2022, MS Tech Community
In the previous part of this series (part 4), we saw how you can secure ingress and egress traffic between pods within AKS cluster using Network Policy. But AKS is not an isolated service. Most...
1/20/2022, MS Tech Community
Microsoft Defender for Cloud implements AWS security recommendations in the Defender for Cloud portal right alongside Azure recommendations. There are more than 160 out-of-box recommendations for...
11/23/2021, MS Tech Community
Written in collaboration with @Christof Claessens (Senior Customer Engineer, FastTrack for Azure)   Introduction   Azure Application Gateway combined with its Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF)...