Web Application Firewall


Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 5/4/2017, Video, 0:58:03
    In this keynote session, come learn how to build, deploy, scale, and monitor large, global web applications in Microsoft Azure leveraging the full Azure networking stack. In...

Web Application Firewall News

6/15/2020, Service Updates
Azure Web Application Firewall for Azure Front Door now has a match details field in the logs to provide insights on why a request triggered a Web Application Firewall rule.
3/24/2020, Azure Podcast
The team gets together to share personal thoughts and experiences on working at home for extended periods of time and how Azure and other cloud vendors are helping the cause during this difficult...
3/20/2020, Service Updates
Protect your web applications from common exploits and vulnerabilities with Web Application Firewall for Azure Content Delivery Network. Web Application Firewall is already natively integrated...
3/18/2020, Service Updates
Azure Web Application Firewall service protects your web applications from malicious attacks. In addition to Azure Application Gateway and Azure Front Door service, Web Application Firewall is...