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Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) provide functions as cloud services that were previously available only on the server components of a Visual Studio-based development environment, i.e., Team Foundation Server. With VSTS, development projects can be planned, created, and distributed without having to configure server environments for this purpose. At the push of a button, VSTS creates team projects in which source code can be managed centrally via Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) or in a distributed manner via Git. Work tasks, functions, bugs, etc. can be managed via backlogs and scheduled, monitored, and traced using various process templates (Scrum, Kanban, agile processes). VSTS can also handle the build process, automated testing, and provision.

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Tool Description
Visual Studio Tools for Azure Functions These tools offer the ability to create a function project in Visual Studio, add functions using any supported language, run them locally, and publish them to Azure. Additionally, C# functions support both local and remote debugging.
Open From Azure Websites Open any Azure hosted web application as a Website Project.
Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio
Azure SDK for .NET (VS 2015) Software Development Kit for .NET Languages including Tools and Plugins for Visual Studio 2015


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5/16/2017 Understanding the U-SQL Batch Job Execution Lifetime 0:30:20
5/11/2017 Collect and analyze crashes for your Windows apps 0:15:33
5/11/2017 IoT Studio: Development of apps that can control OCF devices 0:14:51
5/11/2017 Build 2017 – Zusammenfassung der Keynote an Tag 1 0:22:44
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5/10/2017 Get started with Unity and Visual Studio for Mac 0:08:59

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