Video Indexer (VI) is the Azure Media Services AI solution and part of the Azure Cognitive Services brand. Video Indexer provides ability to extract deep insights (with no need for data analysis or coding skills) using machine learning models based on multiple channels (voice, vocals, visual). You can further customize and train the models. The service enables deep search, reduces operational costs, enables new monetization opportunities, and creates new user experiences on large archives of videos (with low entry barriers).

Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 11/5/2019, Video, 0:20:00
    As the amount of video on the internet is growing exponentially and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future, it is more important than ever to get the most value out...
  2. 5/7/2019, Video, 0:59:02
    Leading enterprises are using AI to power innovation across industries, including healthcare, automotive, and finance. In this session, gain insight into how these enterprise...


Learning Paths

Create computer vision solutions with Azure Cognitive Services
Published: 7/12/2021, Length: 4:27:00
Create computer vision solutions with Azure Cognitive Services

Learning Modules

Analyze video
Published: 7/12/2021, Length: 0:48:00

Video Indexer News

4/23/2022, MS Tech Community
Azure Video Analyzer for Media (AVAM) aka Azure Video Indexer (VI) is an applied-AI cloud solution, hyper-scale, enterprise grade, productive media workflow solution orchestrating intelligent...