A VPN gateway can be configured to securely connect a Virtual Network to local resources. The VPN gateway enables secure connection to a local computer (point-to-site) or to one or more local networks (site-to-site). An appropriate gateway is also required on the local side in case of site-to-site connections.

Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 9/30/2016, Trainings
    Exploring environments for your virtual machines and applications? Check out this practical Microsoft Azure Virtual Network course, one in a series of Azure training courses...
  2. 9/28/2016, Video, 1:08:59
    The benefits of Cloud to IT organizations is undeniable, yet many of you are in early stages of plotting out your journey to the Cloud. Microsoft Azure IaaS is a collection of...
  3. 10/2/2016, Video, 1:24:46
    This session highlights the power of the Microsoft Azure Software Defined Network and Hybrid Networking to build and run enterprise grade applications. We cover how to build...
  4. 9/29/2015, Video, 0:23:17
    Discover your hybrid networking connectivity choices to securely extend your on-premises network into the Microsoft cloud. Learn about the tradeoffs and how scenario...


Learning Paths

AZ-104: Configure and manage virtual networks for Azure administrators
Published: 5/15/2020, Length: 11:02:00
Learn how to configure key Azure network capabilities and prepare for Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator.
Implement network security in Azure
Published: 7/1/2020, Length: 5:27:00
Learn how to configure, protect, and isolate your networks in Azure.
Azure Fundamentals part 2: Describe core Azure services
Published: 9/14/2020, Length: 3:12:00
This learning path provides you with an introduction to the basics of Azure's core services for compute, network, storage, and database.

Learning Modules

Explore Azure networking services
Published: 9/14/2020, Length: 0:38:00
Design a hybrid network architecture on Azure
Published: 1/14/2020, Length: 0:47:00
Connect your on-premises network to Azure with VPN Gateway
Published: 4/26/2019, Length: 0:39:00
Configure the network for your virtual machines
Published: 9/24/2018, Length: 1:34:00

VPN Gateway News

11/30/2020, MS Tech Community
If you've built and managed Windows Servers in an on-premises environment, you may have a set of configuration steps as well as regular process and monitoring alerts, to ensure that server is as...
11/26/2020, MS Tech Community
It might be snowing in parts of the Northern Hemisphere, but we won't let that stop us from sharing Azure news with you.  News covered this week includes: New Azure Portal updates for November...
11/20/2020, Service Updates
Take advantage of multiple new enhancements and features that are now generally available in Azure VPN Gateway.
10/22/2020, MS Tech Community
Introduction Azure Virtual Network provides a logical, isolated and secure network boundary inside Azure. As more and more workloads start to get deployed in Azure Virtual Networks, enabling net...
10/21/2020, Service Updates
Take advantage of multiple new enhancements and features that are now available in Azure VPN Gateway.