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Microsoft Azure Table Storage is another NoSQL database in the Microsoft Azure platform. Despite what the name suggests, it is not a table-based relational database system but instead a memory for storing large semi-structured data sets in the cloud that require only a primary key for access and do not require complex relational database operations. From a single key (consisting of two mandatory attributes: partition key and row key), it is possible to read entities that consist of freely definable, typed properties (a property consists of a name, a type (e.g., string, integer), and a value).

Using the primary key values, Microsoft Azure can consolidate entries into partitions and distribute these automatically to various storage media to optimize performance. The data is automatically stored in triplicate, in a high-availability way, and can be accessed via RESTful interfaces. Alternative means of access include .NET, Java, and PHP class libraries. Although Table Storage has less functionality than SQL Database in terms of data management and complex access operations, it does provide affordable storage of semi-structured data and enables efficient, high-performance access to this data. Data sets of up to 500 terabytes per storage account are supported.

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