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StorSimple is a hybrid storage solution in which an appliance operated in the customer's data center provides local data storage. The stored data is replicated (encrypted if desired) in Microsoft Azure Storage. The security mechanisms in Azure Storage (3x storage, georeplication, etc.) ensure that the data is securely retained, eliminating the need for an additional backup.

Getting Started

  1. StorSimple Learning Path
    10/3/2016, Webpage

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Azure Documentation

1. StorSimple Virtual Array
     1.1. Overview
          1.1.1. What is the solution?
     1.2. Get started
          1.2.1. Plan
      Review requirements
      Understand limits
      Review best practices
          1.2.2. Deploy
      Prepare to deploy
           Deploy StorSimple Manager service
      Provision in Hyper-V
      Provision in VMware
      Set up as file server
      Set up as iSCSI server
     1.3. How to
          1.3.1. Manage via Azure portal
      Install latest update
           Install Update 0.5
           Install Update 0.4
           Install Update 0.3
      Create & manage backups
      Clone from backups
      Failover and DR
      Deactivate and delete
      Manage shares
      Manage volumes
      View service summary
      View device summary
      Manage storage accounts
      Manage ACRs
      Manage jobs
      Change device password
      Configure MPIO on Windows Server host
      Diagnose and troubleshoot
      Log Support request
          1.3.2. Configure via local web UI
     1.4. Release notes
          1.4.1. Update 0.6 - current
          1.4.2. Update 0.5
          1.4.3. Update 0.4
          1.4.4. Update 0.3
          1.4.5. Update 0.2 and 0.1
2. StorSimple 8000 Series
     2.1. Overview
          2.1.1. What is the solution?
          2.1.2. StorSimple learning map
          2.1.3. Security considerations
     2.2. Get started
          2.2.1. Plan
      Review requirements
      Review technical specifications
      Understand limits
      Best practices
          2.2.2. Install
      Review safety
      Unpack, rack, cable an 8100
      Unpack, rack, cable an 8600
      Supported hardware for 10 GbE network interfaces
          2.2.3. Deploy
      StorSimple Manager service
      Physical device in Azure - current
           Physical device in Azure - Update 1
           Physical device in Azure - GA
      Physical device in Government Portal - current
           Physical device in Government Portal - Update 1
      Virtual device in Azure
      StorSimple Snapshot Manager
      StorSimple Adapter for SharePoint
     2.3. How to
          2.3.1. Manage
      Using StorSimple Manager service
           Restore from a backup
                Restore from a backup
           Clone a volume
                Clone a volume
           Remotely connect to your device
           Deactivate and delete your device
           Fail over your device
           Manage backup catalog
           Manage backup policies - current
                Manage backup policies - Update 1
           Manage storage accounts
           Manage volume containers
           Manage volumes - current
                FAQ: Locally pinned volumes
                Manage volumes - Update 1
           Manage ACRs
           Manage bandwidth templates
           View and manage jobs - current
                View and manage jobs - Update 1
           Change device mode
           Change device password
           Modify device configuration
           Turn on and turn off
           Configure MPIO on Windows Server host
           Configure MPIO on linux host
           Configure CHAP
      Using Window PowerShell for StorSimple
           Manage device controller
           Configure web proxy
           Modify DATA 0 settings
      Using StorSimple Snapshot Manager
           What is StorSimple Snapshot Manager?
           About StorSimple Snapshot Manager interface
           Manage devices via StorSimple Snapshot Manager
           Manage backup policies via StorSimple Snapshot Manager
           Manage volume groups via StorSimple Snapshot Manager
           Manage backup catalog via StorSimple Snapshot Manager
           Manage backup jobs via StorSimple Snapshot Manager
           Manage volumes via StorSimple Snapshot Manager
           Use MMC actions in StorSimple Snapshot Manager
          2.3.2. Build solutions
      StorSimple with Veeam
      StorSimple with Veritas Backup Exec
      StorSimple with Veritas NetBackup
      Automate file server DR to Azure
      StorSimple with Express Route
      StorSimple with VMware
      StorSimple with Hyper-V
      Distributed global namespace
          2.3.3. Monitor
      Using service dashboard
      Using device dashboard
      Using monitoring charts
      Using service alerts
      Using hardware status
      Using monitoring LEDs
          2.3.4. Troubleshoot
      Deployment issues
      Using diagnostics tool
      Operational issues
      Hardware replacement
           Replace device controller
           Replace EBOD controller
           Replace PCM
           Replace disk drive
           Replace backup battery
           Replace chassis
      Contact Support
           Create Support package
          2.3.5. Migrate
      From 5000-7000 series
      From other storage devices
          2.3.6. Update
      Install Update 4
      Install Update 3
      Install Update 2.2
      Install Update 2
      Install Update 1.2
      Update your device
     2.4. Release notes
          2.4.1. Update 4 - current
          2.4.2. Update 3
          2.4.3. Update 2.2
          2.4.4. Update 2
          2.4.5. Update 1
          2.4.6. Update 0.3
          2.4.7. Update 0.2
          2.4.8. Update 0.1
          2.4.9. Release - GA
     2.5. Reference
          2.5.1. Azure PowerShell
          2.5.2. Windows PowerShell for StorSimple cmdlets
3. StorSimple Data Manager (Private preview)
     3.1. Overview
          3.1.1. What is the solution?
     3.2. Get started
          3.2.1. Using StorSimple Data Manager
     3.3. How to
          3.3.1. Use .NET to start jobs
          3.3.2. Use Automation to start jobs
          3.3.3. Change default blob path
4. StorSimple for partners
     4.1. Overview
          4.1.1. What is the solution?
     4.2. Get started
          4.2.1. Deploy virtual array for CSP
     4.3. Release notes
          4.3.1. StorSimple release notes
          4.3.2. CSP release notes
          4.3.3. StorSimple for CSP: FAQ
5. Related
     5.1. StorSimple 5000-7000 Series
6. Resources
     6.1. Azure Roadmap
     6.2. Marketing blog
     6.3. Marketing
     6.4. MSDN forum
     6.5. Pricing
     6.6. Service updates
     6.7. Support blog
     6.8. Third-party notices
     6.9. Videos

Online Training Content

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6/23/2016 StorSimple
12/11/2015 Deliver Scalable, Software-Defined Storage Anywhere
8/26/2014 Hybrid Cloud Workloads: Storage and Backup


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5/10/2017 Using StorSimple data with services in Azure (Media Services, HDInsights, AzureML, etc.) 0:25:31
2/10/2017 Azure and AWS - Comparing DR and Backup capabilities 0:50:42
9/30/2016 Deploy Microsoft Azure StorSimple across your enterprise 1:12:35
1/6/2016 Create a StorSimple Virtual Array 0:04:38
1/6/2016 Configure a StorSimple Virtual Array 0:07:53
1/6/2016 Get Started with the StorSimple Virtual Array 0:02:38
1/6/2016 Use the StorSimple Virtual Array 0:06:40
1/6/2016 StorSimple Virtual Array Disaster Recovery 0:04:27
5/4/2015 Elastic SharePoint Storage with StorSimple and Microsoft Azure 0:00:00
10/24/2014 Episode 159: StorSimple with Ahmed El-Shimi 0:22:29


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