Service Description

StorSimple is a hybrid storage solution in which an appliance operated in the customer's data center provides local data storage. The stored data is replicated (encrypted if desired) in Microsoft Azure Storage. The security mechanisms in Azure Storage (3x storage, georeplication, etc.) ensure that the data is securely retained, eliminating the need for an additional backup.

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Getting Started

  1. 7/9/2017, Video, 0:05:13
    This video covers a walkthrough of the StorSimple 8000 series in the new Azure portal.
  2. 9/30/2016, Video, 1:12:35
    Learn about how to identify data and workloads within your enterprise where using StorSimple will reduce your costs by leveraging the elastic capacity of the cloud & connect...

StorSimple News

11/5/2019, Ignite 2019 [0:20:00]
Do you have a file server or archival scenario for which you are considering StorSimple? Are you an existing StorSimple customer wondering how StorSimple end of support affects you? Join us to...