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The Hyper-V Recovery Manager enables the coordinated replication and the recovery of resources in a private cloud environment in a second environment. Using System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager, private clouds can be secured by continuous replication to a second data center location and, where necessary (in case of failure of the first location), activated.

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  1. Site Recovery Learning Path
    10/3/2016, Webpage
  2. Intro to Azure Site Recovery
    12/2/2016, Video, 0:09:04

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Azure Documentation

1. Overview
     1.1. What is Site Recovery?
     1.2. How does Site Recovery work?
     1.3. What workloads can you protect?
     1.4. Site Recovery support matrix
     1.5. FAQ
     1.6. Watch an introduction
2. Get Started
     2.1. Replicate VMWare VMs to Azure
     2.2. Replicate VMware VMs to Azure in a multi-tenant deployment (CSP)
     2.3. Replicate Hyper-V VMs to Azure (with VMM)
     2.4. Replicate Hyper-V VMs to Azure
     2.5. Replicate VMware VMs and physical servers to a secondary site
     2.6. Replicate Hyper-V VMs to a secondary site (with VMM)
3. How To
     3.1. Plan
          3.1.1. Deployment prerequisites
          3.1.2. Network infrastructure considerations
          3.1.3. Use the Site Recovery Capacity Planner
          3.1.4. Plan capacity and scale VMware replication to Azure
          3.1.5. Run the Deployment Planner for VMware replication to Azure
     3.2. Configure
          3.2.1. Set up the source environment
          3.2.2. Set up the target environment
          3.2.3. Configure replication settings
          3.2.4. Deploy the Mobility service for VMware replication
      Deploy the Mobility service with System Center Configuration Manager
      Deploy the Mobility service with Azure Automation DSC
     3.3. Failover and failback
          3.3.1. Failover in Site Recovery
          3.3.2. Set up recovery plans
      Add Azure runbooks to recovery plans
          3.3.3. Run a test failover to Azure
          3.3.4. Run a test failover between two VMM sites
          3.3.5. Fail back VMware VMs/physical servers from Azure
          3.3.6. Fail back Hyper-V VMs from Azure
     3.4. Migrate
          3.4.1. Migrate to Azure
          3.4.2. Migrate between Azure regions
          3.4.3. Migrate AWS Windows instances to Azure
     3.5. Workloads
          3.5.1. Active Directory and DNS
          3.5.2. SQL Server
          3.5.3. SharePoint
          3.5.4. Dynamics AX
          3.5.5. RDS
          3.5.6. Exchange
          3.5.7. SAP
          3.5.8. Other workloads
     3.6. Automate replication
          3.6.1. Automate Hyper-V replication to Azure (no VMM)
          3.6.2. Automate Hyper-V replication to Azure (with VMM)
          3.6.3. Automate Hyper-V replication to a secondary site (with VMM)
     3.7. Manage
          3.7.1. Remove servers and disable protection
          3.7.2. Scale out process servers
          3.7.3. Monitor and troubleshoot
4. Reference
     4.1. PowerShell
     4.2. PowerShell classic
     4.3. REST
5. Related
     5.1. Azure Automation
6. Resources
     6.1. Learning path
     6.2. Forum
     6.3. Blog
     6.4. Pricing
     6.5. Service updates

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Site Recovery Learning Path Webpage


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3/17/2017 Migrate Virtual Machines to Azure with Azure Site Recovery 0:02:09
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12/22/2016 Intro of Azure Site Recovery 0:09:04
12/2/2016 Intro to Azure Site Recovery 0:09:04
9/30/2016 Migrate and disaster recover Azure workloads using Operations Management Suite 0:58:58
9/28/2016 Review best practices for disaster recovery - from design to operations 1:08:32
5/13/2016 VMware and Physical to Azure 0:30:33
9/11/2015 Migrating your applications from AWS to Azure using ASR 0:11:27
5/6/2015 Availability on Demand – Site Recovery 0:20:22
5/4/2015 Microsoft SQL Server End-to-End High Availability and Disaster Recovery 1:06:34

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