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The Microsoft Azure Service Bus provides a communication and integration platform for networking distributed Web services. Simple and complex message streams can be implemented regardless of where the individual communication partners are executed (in the cloud or in the customer's data center). Support is provided for point-to-point connections (unidirectional and bidirectional), queues for caching exchanged messages, as well as publish-subscribe patterns about topics where multiple senders can dispatch messages to multiple recipients.

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  1. Service Bus Learning Path
    10/3/2016, Webpage

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Azure Documentation

1. Overview
     1.1. What is Relay?
     1.2. FAQ
2. Get Started
     2.1. Create a namespace
     2.2. Create a hybrid on-premises/cloud application
     2.3. Hybrid Connections
          2.3.1. .NET
          2.3.2. Node
     2.4. WCF Relay
3. How To
     3.1. Plan and design
          3.1.1. Authentication and security
          3.1.2. Hybrid Connections protocol
     3.2. Develop
          3.2.1. Available APIs
4. Reference
     4.1. .NET
          4.1.1. Microsoft.Azure.Relay
          4.1.2. Microsoft.ServiceBus
     4.2. Exceptions
     4.3. Port settings
5. Resources
     5.1. Azure Roadmap
     5.2. Blog
     5.3. Pricing
     5.4. Samples
     5.5. Stack Overflow

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