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Security Center helps you prevent, detect, and respond to threats with increased visibility into and control over the security of your Azure resources. It provides integrated security monitoring and policy management across your Azure subscriptions, helps detect threats that might otherwise go unnoticed, and works with a broad ecosystem of security solutions.

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  1. Azure208x - Azure Security and Compliance
    5/31/2017, Mva

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Azure Documentation

1. Overview
     1.1. What is Azure Security Center?
     1.2. Get insights with Power BI
     1.3. Data security
     1.4. Scenarios
          1.4.1. Incident response
          1.4.2. Use recommendations to enhance security
     1.5. Platform migration
2. Get started
     2.1. Quick start
     2.2. Planning and operations
     2.3. Permissions
     2.4. Supported platforms
     2.5. Partner integration
     2.6. FAQ
3. How to
     3.1. Prevent
          3.1.1. Set security policies
          3.1.2. Just in time access
          3.1.3. Implement security recommendations
          3.1.4. Application recommendations
      Add a web application firewall
      Finalize application protection
          3.1.5. Network recommendations
      Add a next generation firewall
      Enable Network Security Groups
      Restrict access through Internet-facing endpoints
      Route traffic through NGFW only
          3.1.6. SQL service recommendations
      Enable auditing and threat detection on SQL databases
      Enable auditing and threat detection on SQL servers
      Enable Transparent Data Encryption
          3.1.7. Virtual machine recommendations
      Apply disk encryption
      Apply system updates
      Enable data collection
      Enable encryption for storage account
      Enable VM Agent
      Install Endpoint Protection
      Provide security contact details
      Reboot after system updates
      Remediate OS vulnerabilities
      Resolve endpoint protection health alerts
      Update OS version
      Vulnerability assessment not installed
          3.1.8. Monitor security health
          3.1.9. Monitor partner solutions
     3.2. Detect and Respond
          3.2.1. Detection capabilities
          3.2.2. Manage security alerts
          3.2.3. Manage security incidents
          3.2.4. Azure log integration
          3.2.5. Types of security alerts
          3.2.6. Threat intelligence report
     3.3. Troubleshoot
          3.3.1. Troubleshooting guide
4. Reference
     4.1. REST
5. Related
     5.1. Azure Security
6. Resources
     6.1. Azure Roadmap
     6.2. Azure Security, Privacy, & Compliance blog
     6.3. Pricing
     6.4. Service overview
     6.5. Service updates
     6.6. Videos

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5/31/2017 Azure208x - Azure Security and Compliance
8/18/2016 Introduction to Azure Security Center


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5/15/2017 WannaCrypt: Conducting a Hasty Defense 0:13:21
5/10/2017 Azure Log Integration Videos - Azure AD Integration 0:01:40
5/10/2017 Securing web applications using Web Application Firewall 0:25:12
5/10/2017 Azure Log Integration Videos - Install Azure Log Integration 0:01:33
5/10/2017 Azure Log Integration Videos - Enable Diagnostics and Storage 0:02:33
5/10/2017 Azure Log Integration Videos - Create a Virtual Machine 0:01:30
5/9/2017 Updated Azure Security Center Dashboard 0:04:45
4/10/2017 Integrated Management and Security 0:27:56
3/31/2017 Azure Government Security + Differentiation 1:08:37
3/30/2017 Azure Network Security 0:02:33

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