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Security Center helps you prevent, detect, and respond to threats with increased visibility into and control over the security of your Azure resources. It provides integrated security monitoring and policy management across your Azure subscriptions, helps detect threats that might otherwise go unnoticed, and works with a broad ecosystem of security solutions.

Getting Started

  1. 10/2/2018, Video, 0:16:18
    In this community theater session, Azure MVP Tom Janetscheck takes you on a trip into Azure Security Center. Learn from scratch what Azure Security Center is and how it helps...
  2. 5/31/2017, Mva
    Security is a top-level concern when it comes to cloud computing for organizations of all types. In this course, you will be introduced to Azure security and compliance. We...
  3. 1/18/2018, Mva
    Looking to enhance your organization’s security posture, especially these days, when threats seem to increase in volume and sophistication all the time? Azure Security Center...
  4. 10/2/2018, Video, 0:39:31
    How do you know if your virtual machine and other resources located in Azure are not being used by a malicious command and control on the web? If you are not using Azure...
  5. 10/25/2018, Video, 0:51:12
    Maintaining a strong security posture for your cloud-based innovation is a shared responsibility between you and Microsoft. In this session, learn how Microsoft Azure provides...
  6. 10/2/2018, Video, 1:12:12
    Microsoft Azure Security Center makes it easier than ever to protect your cloud resources. Join this session to see how you can quickly assess security state for your Azure...
  7. 10/25/2018, Webpage
    To help you better understand the collection of security controls implemented within Microsoft Azure from both the customer's and Microsoft operations' perspectives, this...

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Security Center Documentation

1. Overview
     1.1. About Security Center
     1.2. Security Center supported platforms & features
2. Quickstarts
     2.1. Azure subscriptions
     2.2. Windows computers
     2.3. Linux computers
3. Tutorials
     3.1. Protect your resources
     3.2. Respond to incidents
     3.3. Improve your regulatory compliance
4. Concepts
     4.1. Permissions
     4.2. Data security
     4.3. Use recommendations to enhance security
     4.4. Incident response
5. How-to guides
     5.1. Improve your secure score
     5.2. Upgrade to advanced security
     5.3. Server protection with Windows Defender ATP
     5.4. Protect App Service
     5.5. Working with security policies
     5.6. Customize the information protection policy
     5.7. Manage security solutions
     5.8. Automate onboarding using PowerShell
     5.9. Security Center settings
          5.9.1. Data collection
          5.9.2. Built-in security policies
          5.9.3. Email notifications
          5.9.4. Pricing tier
          5.9.5. Security configurations
          5.9.6. Tenant-wide visibility
     5.10. Implement security recommendations
          5.10.1. Strengthen security posture
          5.10.2. Protect your machines and apps
          5.10.3. Protect network resources
          5.10.4. Protect SQL service and data
          5.10.5. Protect identity and access
     5.11. Apply cloud defenses
          5.11.1. Manage just in time access
          5.11.2. Adaptive application controls
          5.11.3. File integrity monitoring
     5.12. Detect threats
          5.12.1. Security alerts
          5.12.2. Security incidents
          5.12.3. Alert types
          5.12.4. Alert validation
          5.12.5. UEBA for Azure resources and users
     5.13. Archive
          5.13.1. Apply disk encryption
          5.13.2. Apply system updates
          5.13.3. Enable encryption for storage account
          5.13.4. Enable VM Agent
          5.13.5. Install Endpoint Protection
          5.13.6. Reboot after system updates
          5.13.7. Remediate security configurations
          5.13.8. Update OS version
          5.13.9. Vulnerability assessment not installed
          5.13.10. Add a web application firewall
          5.13.11. Finalize application protection
          5.13.12. Add a next generation firewall
          5.13.13. Enable Network Security Groups
          5.13.14. Restrict access through Internet-facing endpoints
          5.13.15. Route traffic through NGFW only
          5.13.16. Enable auditing and threat detection on SQL databases
          5.13.17. Enable auditing and threat detection on SQL servers
          5.13.18. Enable Transparent Data Encryption
          5.13.19. Threat reports
          5.13.20. Custom alerts
          5.13.21. Alert confidence score
          5.13.22. Security alerts map and threat intelligence
          5.13.23. Investigation
          5.13.24. Manage investigation user data
          5.13.25. Logic Apps playbooks
          5.13.26. View events
          5.13.27. Search
6. Reference
     6.1. REST APIs
     6.2. Service updates
7. Resources
     7.1. Build your skills with Microsoft Learn
     7.2. Manage user data
     7.3. FAQ
     7.4. Planning and operations
     7.5. Azure Security
     7.6. Azure Roadmap
     7.7. Readiness Roadmap
     7.8. Azure Security, Privacy, & Compliance blog
     7.9. Stack Overflow
     7.10. Videos
     7.11. Pricing
     7.12. Regional availability
     7.13. Troubleshoot

Online Training Content

Date Title
1/18/2018 Hybrid Cloud Workload Protection with Azure Security Center
5/31/2017 Azure Security and Compliance
8/18/2016 Introduction to Azure Security Center


Tool Description
Free Tier Solution Based Billing Tracker This OMS Tracker Dashboard helps detect Security & Audit Solution related activities happening in the Azure Activity Log in an OMS workspace post 2017-06-19, and verifies if Solution Based Billing has been enabled for the Security & Audit Solution in that Free Tier OMS Workspace.


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