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Redis Cache is a centrally provisioned caching service managed by Microsoft that is built on the open-source-based Redis Cache Framework. It can be addressed and used from any execution model (Web Sites, Cloud Services, Virtual Machines) and it is recommended for all applications to be developed for that cloud that require a cache.

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Azure Documentation

1. Overview
     1.1. Why use Redis cache
     1.2. Explore premium tier features
     1.3. Scenarios
          1.3.1. Access items in a cache
          1.3.2. Configure high availability
          1.3.3. Connect securely using SSL
          1.3.4. Migrate from Managed Cache Service
          1.3.5. Patterns & Practices Caching guidance
2. Get started
     2.1. ASP.NET
     2.2. .NET
     2.3. Node
     2.4. Java
     2.5. Python
     2.6. Redis Cache FAQ
3. How to
     3.1. Plan
          3.1.1. Choose a cache tier
          3.1.2. Persist your cache with Redis data persistence
          3.1.3. Secure your cache with a virtual network
          3.1.4. Distribute your cache with clustering
     3.2. Automate
          3.2.1. Deploy and manage using Azure Powershell
          3.2.2. Deploy and Manage using Azure CLI
          3.2.3. Provision a Redis Cache
          3.2.4. Provision a Web App with Redis Cache
     3.3. Integrate with ASP.NET
          3.3.1. Session state provider
          3.3.2. Output cache provider
     3.4. Manage
          3.4.1. Configure in Azure portal
          3.4.2. Configure Geo-replication
          3.4.3. Import/Export data
          3.4.4. Reboot
          3.4.5. Schedule updates
     3.5. Monitor and troubleshoot
          3.5.1. Monitor in Azure portal
          3.5.2. Troubleshoot cache issues
          3.5.3. Set alerts for exceptions
     3.6. Scale
          3.6.1. Update to a different size and tier
          3.6.2. Use Redis cluster to scale in/out
     3.7. Integrate with Spring Boot
          3.7.1. Use a Spring Boot Initializer app with Redis Cache
4. Reference
     4.1. Code samples
     4.2. Azure PowerShell
     4.3. Azure CLI Preview
     4.4. .NET
     4.5. Java
     4.6. Redis clients
     4.7. Redis commands
     4.8. REST
5. Resources
     5.1. Azure Roadmap
     5.2. Pricing
     5.3. Redis cache samples

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1/22/2015 Getting Great Performance out of Azure


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9/14/2016 Get started with Azure Redis Cache 0:19:21
9/8/2016 Azure Redis Security Caching 0:05:42
9/2/2016 Azure Redis Cache Best Practices 0:07:23
9/1/2016 Increase performance through Redis Cluster in Azure Redis Cache 0:09:42
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3/31/2016 Maximize performance and of your apps using Azure Redis Cache 0:20:22
3/31/2016 Maximize performance and of your apps using Azure Redis Cache 0:20:22
12/4/2015 Episode 193: Azure Redis Cache Premium Tier with Pranav Rastogi 0:34:24

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