Getting Started

  1. 1/20/2017, Video, 0:50:26
    In this video, we explain how developers can use the Power BI Embedded SDK to integrate Power B reports into the apps. We show you step-by-step how to embed a Power BI report...

Power BI Embedded News

1/7/2020, Service Updates
Power BI shared datasets are now supported in Power BI Embedded, allowing you to manage the connections of Power BI datasets and reports across workspaces. This capability enabled us to expand...
8/14/2019, Service Updates
Service principal allows you to access resources or perform operations using Power BI API without the need for a user to sign in or have a Power BI Pro license.
8/14/2019, Service Updates
The new Power BI Report Authoring SDK extension allows programmatic creation of visuals, binding them to columns, measures, hierarchies, and personalizing them by setting properties like axis...
8/14/2019, Service Updates
A tool for automating load testing of Power BI Embedded capacities helps you understand how much user load your capacity can handle when used. It uses PowerShell to create automated load tests...
8/14/2019, Service Updates
Power BI Embedded recently improved performance in two key areas: embedding different reports into the same iframe and query caching for embedded reports.
8/14/2019, Service Updates
The new Power BI filters experience is available in Power BI Embedded and in embedded reports as well. The new experience has an updated design and useful features, such as hide, lock, and rename...
8/14/2019, Service Updates
This new region allows customers to locate their Power BI Embedded deployments closer to their data sources, either in Azure or on-premises, enabling faster data refresh performance and lower...