Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 5/3/2016, Video, 0:52:16
    We welcome all users, new and experienced to this intro session of Power BI. Everything you wanted to know about Power BI but never knew who to ask. This will a fast pace...
  2. 1/16/2017, Trainings
    If you’d like to learn how to architect solutions in Cortana Intelligence Suite and how to build intelligence into your applications, don’t miss this workshop! Build an...
  3. 5/3/2016, Video, 0:55:58
    Everything you should know around security and Power BI. We will take a look at how to leverage your on premise Analysis Services security, how to share dash/dashboards...
  4. 5/3/2016, Video, 0:39:19
    In this demo rich session, you will understand the powerful relationship between Excel and Power BI. You are invited to learn how to use Excel and Power BI together to expand...

Power BI Videos

PowerBI Connectivity to SAP HANA Lab
6/1/2020, SAP on Azure
Power BI for BI pros and Data Engineers | INT152A
5/26/2020, YouTube: Microsoft Developer
Ask the Team: Power Platform | COM21
5/26/2020, YouTube: Microsoft Developer
PowerBI Connectivity to SAP BW Lab
5/25/2020, SAP on Azure
Embed analytics in your app with Power BI Embedded | INT150C
5/25/2020, YouTube: Microsoft Developer
Power BI Embedded
5/22/2020, YouTube: Azure Power Lunch

Power BI News

5/18/2020, James Serra's Blog
There are a number of options for monitoring Power BI that I wanted to mention: Performance analyzer: Find out how each of your report elements, such as visuals and DAX formulas, are performing....
4/14/2020, Service Updates
Many-to-many relationships in Azure Analysis Services are now generally available. These are relationships between tables where both columns are non-unique, and are based on many-to-many...
In an industrial IoT scenario, live telemetry data produced by devices, sensors, or tags can be continuous or discrete. We’re excited to share that Azure Time Series Insights can now process...
3/16/2020, James Serra's Blog
There are many ways to share the dashboards, reports, and datasets that you create in Power BI. Below I’ll compare all such options (there are twelve!). First make sure to have an understanding...
3/12/2020, Service Updates
Managed identity authentication for output to Power BI is now generally available in Azure Stream Analytics.
3/12/2020, Microsoft Developer Blogs
In this post, App Dev Manager Andy Moore shows how to create cross-organizational reports for Azure DevOps with Power BI. When using Azure DevOps to manage teams,
3/10/2020, James Serra's Blog
A common topic I have been discussing recently with customers is the security around Power BI. Basically, how to prevent users seeing data they shouldn’t. So I’ll discuss the various “layers” of...
3/9/2020, Service Updates
Power BI now has an additional set of capabilities that allow you to export a Power BI report by using a REST call to the following file formats—PDF, PPTX (PowerPoint), and PNG.
3/5/2020, Service Updates
Support for transport layer security (TLS) 1.0 and 1.1 for Power BI will end in June 2020. Upgrade the TLS version of your Power BI application to TLS 1.2 before then.
2/26/2020, Microsoft Azure Blog
The theme this month is transparency. From rich Azure Hybrid Benefit and reservation reporting in a new Power BI app to a detailed breakdown of resource costs and clarity behind what "not...
2/18/2020, Service Updates
Power BI Embedded now has the capability to set a basic filter as a single selection filter. To do this, when editing the report, select the checkbox that says Require single selection at the...
2/18/2020, Service Updates
Power BI, integrated with ArcGIS, delivers the world’s leading visual spatial analytics. ArcGIS Maps for Power BI offers enhanced mapping and analysis capabilities, demographic data, and...
2/18/2020, Service Updates
The new Power BI usage metrics report allows you to monitor the views of your report, and to see the consumption’s platform. For embedded reports, to see the different kinds of embed scenarios,...
2/18/2020, Service Updates
Set your embedded Power BI reports to use a high contrast theme to enable users who may have visual or physical impairments to benefit from your reports.
2/14/2020, Service Updates
Power BI report authoring APIs now support a new aggregation function when constructing data fields.
2/11/2020, James Serra's Blog
With Power BI real-time streaming, you can stream data and update dashboards in real-time. Any visual or dashboard that can be created in Power BI can also be created to display and update...
1/14/2020, Microsoft Developer Blogs
Premier Developer Consultant Jean Hayes outlines a strategy for controlling access to Azure SQL Servers used by Power BI. When provisioning an Azure SQL Server for
1/7/2020, Service Updates
Generate an embed token with permissions for multiple Power BI reports, datasets, and target workspaces using the new Power BI API.
1/7/2020, Service Updates
Power BI shared datasets are now supported in Power BI Embedded, allowing you to manage the connections of Power BI datasets and reports across workspaces. This capability enabled us to expand...
1/7/2020, Service Updates
Use dynamic binding to maintain a single template of a Power BI report that can be connected to multiple datasets across workspaces, instead of copying and maintaining hundreds of report duplicates.