Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 9/24/2020, Video, 0:09:35
    This is a quick overview of Power Automate Desktop. Learn the basics of the tool to build your automation and run it from Power Automate


Learning Paths

Get started with WinAutomation
Published: 8/31/2020, Length: 2:45:00
Learn how to use WinAutomation.
Build expertise with WinAutomation
Published: 10/2/2020, Length: 3:37:00
Learn how to use features of WinAutomation.
Get started with Power Automate buttons
Published: 3/5/2019, Length: 4:30:00
Do you want to create button flows to solve business problems? Then, take this learning path, which introduces you to Power Automate buttons and demonstrates how to create button flows.

Learning Modules

Get started with Form processing in AI Builder
Published: 3/15/2020, Length: 0:37:00
Share Power Automate buttons
Published: 3/6/2020, Length: 0:50:00
Configure exception and error handling in WinAutomation
Published: 8/27/2020, Length: 0:46:00
Generate WinAutomation processes by recording
Published: 8/25/2020, Length: 0:38:00

Power Automate News

10/21/2020, MS Tech Community
Automation in Cloud App Security: Auto-disable Malicious Inbox Rule     By @Caroline_Lee & @Sebastien Molendijk    Welcome back to the Automation in Cloud App Security blog series. For those of...
7/21/2020, Service Updates
Use Azure Logic Apps and Power Automate to create automated workflows using hundreds of actions for a variety of services. The Azure Monitor logs connector is now generally available—use it to...
7/10/2020, The Xamarin Podcast
Xamarin.Forms 4.7 is out and the Inverter Converter is all the rage!! ... well ... multi-value bindings are all the rage - but that doesn't have quite the ring of Inverter Converter. This month...