Power Apps is a suite of apps, services, connectors and data platform that provides a rapid application development environment to build custom apps for your business needs. Using Power Apps, you can quickly build custom business apps that connect to your business data stored either in the underlying data platform (Common Data Service) or in various online and on-premises data sources (SharePoint, Excel, Office 365, Dynamics 365, SQL Server, and so on).

Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 4/1/2020, Webpage
    As members of the Power CAT team driving customer success and adoption, we often get asked for a summary of resources to share with customers on their Power Platform journey....
  2. 5/4/2017, Video, 0:52:39
    Delivering business applications quickly is not easy when utilizing a number of different frameworks, hosting options, and complex integrations between systems. Leveraging...
  3. 2/10/2017, Video, 1:02:08
    Building business applications has never easier. There are always conflicting priorities between IT and business and most apps don’t merit the time and cost of traditional...


Learning Paths

Use advanced data options and connectors in Power Apps
Published: 5/13/2020, Length: 2:21:00
Do you want to improve the user's experience in your canvas app? Do you want to use custom connectors to connect to data? This learning path will help you do both things. It will also focus on working with data source limits.
Master advanced techniques for Power Apps canvas apps
Published: 5/15/2020, Length: 2:35:00
Do you want to make sure your app is the best it can be? This learning path will help you use advanced formulas and perform custom updates. It will also focus on performance checks and testing.
Work with Power Apps portals
Published: 7/16/2020, Length: 4:20:00
Work with Power Apps portals.

Learning Modules

Build custom Power Apps portals web templates
Published: 7/8/2020, Length: 0:55:00
Connecting to other data in a Power Apps canvas app
Published: 5/13/2020, Length: 0:32:00
How to build a model-driven app
Published: 9/25/2020, Length: 0:24:00
Introduction to Power Apps
Published: 9/26/2020, Length: 0:18:00
Write data in a Power Apps canvas app
Published: 4/27/2020, Length: 0:48:00

Power Apps News

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