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2/5/2014 Get Started with Windows Azure Today Jump Start


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Azure Runbook - Start-Stop Azure ARM VMs in a defined sequence using Tags This Azure Runbook Workflow helps to Start/Stop VMs in Azure ARM portal in a defined sequence using TagsTo onboard servers, simply add a Tag named 'AutoStart' with a Json formatted value in the form {"Group":"1","Sequence":"2"}You can target individual GROUPS or ALL
Remote PowerShell Scripts/Commands Execution on Azure RM VMs This Runbook sets up and remotely executes Inline Powershell scripts on one/more/all Azure ARM virtual machines in your Azure Subscription. It enables you to traverse through all resource groups and corresponding VMs in your Azure Subscription, check the current state of VMs (a
Backup Azure API Management Automation Script This Azure Automation runbook automates Azure API Management backup to Blob storage and deletes old backups from blob storage. This is a PowerShell runbook, as opposed to a PowerShell Workflow runbook.
Easy Shutdown/Start for ARM and Classic VMs This script shutdowns/starts VMs (both ASM and ARM) just by given a Subscription name and a VM name.
Automate Installation of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Virtual Machine Extensions Script to automate the installation of VM Extensions on Azure VMs. The "Extension Name" (Type) and "Publisher Name" are passed are parameters, along with optional "SettingString" JSON that can be used to configure Extension properties.
Create Azure service fabric cluster with ARM template and powershell Create Azure service fabric cluster with ARM template and powershellThis step-by-step guide walks you through setting up a secure Azure Service Fabric cluster with scale set, storage accounts, load balancer in Azure by using Azure Resource Manager.note - Key vault , Reverse proxy


Date Title Length
5/17/2017 Advanced cross-platform mobile apps with Azure Mobile Apps and Xamarin 0:18:50
5/17/2017 Using Application Insights with .NET containers and microservices 0:17:05
5/17/2017 Bridging the gap between app and infra, with monitoring solutions in Microsoft Azure 0:53:31
5/17/2017 Visual Studio Code: Conquer the cloud with an editor and a CLI 0:58:37
5/17/2017 Introducing ASP.NET Core 2.0 1:02:13
5/17/2017 Continuous delivery on Microsoft Azure 0:58:01
5/17/2017 Snapshot debugging + profiling in Azure: Next gen diagnostics for cloud apps 0:59:43
5/16/2017 Tuesdays with Cory: Azure Functions Proxies extravaganza 0:11:52
5/16/2017 Azure Advisor Demo 0:11:14
5/15/2017 Cloud Tech 10 - 15th May 2017 - Build 2017 Edition! 0:09:40

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