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Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) is Microsoft's cloud-based IT management solution that helps you manage and protect your on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Since OMS is implemented as a cloud-based service, you can have it up and running quickly with minimal investment in infrastructure services. New features are delivered automatically, saving you ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs.

In addition to providing valuable services on its own, OMS can integrate with System Center components such as System Center Operations Manager to extend your existing management investments into the cloud. System Center and OMS can work together to provide a full hybrid management experience.

Getting Started

  1. 5/19/2016, Video, 0:02:21
    Operations Management Suite (OMS) from Microsoft is a simplified management solution for any enterprise.  This brief animation provides a quick overview of OMS and the value...
  2. 9/30/2016, Video, 0:58:43
    Cloud-first deployment for your workloads and applications deliver new management challenges. No longer can you effectively use traditional management tools designed...
  3. 9/28/2016, Video, 1:17:10
    With Operations Management Suite you can take advantage of the power of Azure to manage and secure your IT environment, in the cloud and on-premises. Explore the deep...
  4. 12/12/2016, Mva
    If you’re wondering how to implement and manage Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) to monitor a hybrid enterprise infrastructure, be sure to check out this course....

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Azure Documentation

1. Overview
     1.1. What is Operations Management Suite?
     1.2. OMS architecture
2. Get started
     2.1. Log Analytics
     2.2. Automation
     2.3. Backup
     2.4. Site Recovery
3. How to
     3.1. Analyze
          3.1.1. Log Analytics
          3.1.2. Monitoring products comparison
          3.1.3. Manage alerts
     3.2. Automate
          3.2.1. Azure Automation overview
     3.3. Backup
          3.3.1. Backup overview
          3.3.2. Site Recovery overview
     3.4. Secure
          3.4.1. Monitor resources
          3.4.2. Respond to security alerts
          3.4.3. Baseline assessment
          3.4.4. Malware assessment
          3.4.5. System update assessment
          3.4.6. Connect security products
          3.4.7. Web baseline assessment
     3.5. Use solutions
          3.5.1. Management solutions
          3.5.2. Target solutions
          3.5.3. Insight & analytics
      AD Assessment
      AD Replication Status
      Agent Health
      Alert Management
      Azure Networking Analytics
      Key Vault Analytics
      Network Performance Monitor
      Office 365
      Service Fabric Analytics
      Service Map
           Integration with Operations Manager
      SQL Assessment
      Surface Hub
      Upgrade Analytics
      VMWare Analytics
      Wire Data
          3.5.4. Automation & control
      Change Tracking
      Update Management
          3.5.5. Security & compliance
      Antimalware Assessment
     3.6. Create solutions
          3.6.1. Design and build
          3.6.2. Solution file
          3.6.3. Automation resources
          3.6.4. Log searches and alerts
          3.6.6. Best practices
     3.7. Management scenarios
          3.7.1. Collect analytics data from runbook
     3.8. Integrate with OMS
4. Reference
     4.1. SDK
5. Resources
     5.1. Azure Roadmap
     5.2. Pricing calculator

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5/31/2017 Azure209x - Managing Azure Workloads
12/12/2016 Monitoring Your Hybrid Environment with OMS Security


Tool Description
Enable diagnostics and OMS on Azure SQL DB DescriptionThis PowerShell automation runbook enables diagnostics on a SQL Database and forward logs to OMS. The script can enable multiple SQL Servers at once and multiple SQL Databases - but also with the possibility to enable single items. 
Free Tier Solution Based Billing Tracker This OMS Tracker Dashboard helps detect Security & Audit Solution related activities happening in the Azure Activity Log in an OMS workspace post 2017-06-19, and verifies if Solution Based Billing has been enabled for the Security & Audit Solution in that Free Tier OMS Workspace.


Date Title Length
9/26/2017 Build and manage enterprise-grade Linux solutions on Microsoft Azure 1:07:19
9/11/2017 Enterprise HDInsight Monitoring with Operations Management Suite 0:26:58
8/18/2017 Operations Management Suite 0:30:11
5/23/2017 Transform your monitoring and diagnostics with machine learning and big data 0:16:59
5/17/2017 Bridging the gap between app and infra, with monitoring solutions in Microsoft Azure 0:53:31
5/10/2017 Gain visibility into your apps with Azure Application Insights 0:25:32
3/1/2017 Azure Analysis Services Programmability and Automation Webinar 0:45:46
2/10/2017 Power Up your Monitoring with OMS Insights and Analytics 1:12:20
2/10/2017 Managing Linux on Azure with OMS 1:20:54
2/10/2017 Azure Education Series-Detecting a Cyberattack with the Operations Management Suite 0:29:43

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