Network Watcher is a regional service that enables you to monitor and diagnose conditions at a network scenario level in, to, and from Azure. Network diagnostic and visualization tools available with Network Watcher help you understand, diagnose, and gain insights to your network in Azure.

Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 7/14/2017, Video, 0:13:23
    Matt Reat gives Scott Hanselman an overview of the new Network Watcher service and some of its features. Azure Network Watcher is Network Monitoring and Diagnostic service...
  2. 5/10/2017, Video, 0:23:42
    Explore solution, architectural, and programmatic experiences in building and enhancing network monitoring capabilities in Microsoft Azure. Use common open source tools with a...
  3. 9/29/2017, Video, 0:42:19
    As workloads are hosted across clouds and enterprise datacenters, connectivity between the workloads and user locations is essential to delivering an optimal application...
  4. 5/4/2017, Video, 0:58:03
    In this keynote session, come learn how to build, deploy, scale, and monitor large, global web applications in Microsoft Azure leveraging the full Azure networking stack. In...


Learning Paths

Protect public sector data in Azure
Published: 4/23/2021, Length: 0:41:00
Learn to design conceptual architecture for data classifications using data residency for Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 services while utilizing Azure regions and Customer lockbox. Manage breach notifications in Service Trust Portal and Azure Security Center. And encrypt data throughout its lifecycle.
AZ-700 Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions
Published: 7/16/2021, Length: 9:27:00
AZ-700 Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions

Learning Modules

Safeguard public sector data with Azure
Published: 2/23/2021, Length: 0:42:00
Design and implement network monitoring
Published: 7/15/2021, Length: 0:44:00
Design and implement network security
Published: 7/16/2021, Length: 1:26:00
Configure Network Watcher
Published: 7/26/2021, Length: 0:21:00
Troubleshoot on-premises and hybrid networking
Published: 11/29/2021, Length: 1:03:00

Network Watcher News

11/30/2021, MS Tech Community
If you’re in charge of creating or maintaining the infrastructure or security of a large and complex Azure network environment, comprised of many virtual networks (VNets), Network Security Groups...
11/29/2021, MS Tech Community
As you deploy your PostgreSQL Flexible Server in Azure as a part of enterprise cloud environment it becomes important to understand how this service fits into Azure networking paradigm. Many...