Stakeholders want to use cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) monitoring and management tools. They need to understand what services and solutions deliver to achieve end-to-end visibility, reduce costs, and focus less on infrastructure and maintenance of traditional software-based IT operations tools.

Azure Monitor expanded to include several different services originally developed with independent functionality:

  • Azure Monitor itself
  • Application Insights
  • Log Analytics
  • Unified alerting service
  • Azure Network Watcher

Monitoring Videos

What’s new with Application Insights & Azure Monitor | INT144A
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How to run Autoscale with Azure Monitor
5/1/2020, YouTube: Microsoft Azure
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Monitoring News

5/26/2020, Service Updates
The management and download page for Azure Monitor Logs agents has been updated and enhanced with a new menu item and an improved UI.
5/26/2020, Service Updates
Azure Monitor for Virtual Machines is now available in US Gov Virginia. It's also available in an additional eighteen public regions around the world.
5/26/2020, Service Updates
Azure Monitor Logs IntelliSense has been upgraded. IntelliSense now features a variety of new features and enhancements designed to make query and insight creation quicker and easier.
5/22/2020, Service Updates
Workspace soft-delete functionality has been added to help you recover your workspace if necessary. In that situation, the workspace goes into a soft-delete state to allow its recovery, including...
5/22/2020, Service Updates
Azure Private Link now supports multiple new Azure services in general availability and preview.
5/12/2020, Service Updates
The Operations Management Suite agent for Linux May 2020 release is now available.
5/7/2020, Service Updates
Azure Monitor Logs now supports the selection of multiple resources of the same type across scopes.
5/7/2020, Service Updates
The Azure Monitor Logs tables sidepane was improved with additional features and capabilities. including column descriptions and direct links to documentation.
4/30/2020, Azure Podcast
Principal Group PM of the Azure Confidential Computing team, Vikas Bhatia, share his passion about this innovative service in Azure. He lays out the reasons for this initiative, gives us the...
4/10/2020, Service Updates
Monitor Java applications in any environment without changing the code with Azure Monitor Application Insights. A preview of the new codeless Java agent is now available.
4/8/2020, Service Updates
Collect and analyze logs from your Azure estate using the power and flexibility of Azure Monitor Logs.
4/8/2020, Microsoft Azure Blog
Azure Monitor’s new Source Map Support expands a growing list of tools that empower developers to observe, diagnose, and debug their JavaScript applications. Difficult to debug As organizations…
3/24/2020, Azure Podcast
The team gets together to share personal thoughts and experiences on working at home for extended periods of time and how Azure and other cloud vendors are helping the cause during this difficult...
3/16/2020, Microsoft Azure Blog
Today we are announcing the general availability of Azure Monitor for virtual machines (VMs), which provides an in-depth view of VM performance trends and dependencies.
3/12/2020, Service Updates
Azure Monitor now supports distributed tracing, metric collection, and logging of Python applications through integration with OpenCensus.
3/12/2020, Service Updates
Azure Monitor now supports distributed tracing, metric collection, and logging of Python applications through integration with OpenCensus.
3/11/2020, Service Updates
Unminify JavaScript with One Click
3/11/2020, Service Updates
Azure Monitor Application Insights is now generally available in the US Government Arizona region. Additionally, the Application Insights web availability monitoring capability is now available...
3/2/2020, Azure Podcast
In this episode we chat with Gunnar Campo on Azure Lighthouse, which provides partners with an easy way to run managed solutions for customers, and manage this via a single plan of glass.  Gunnar...
2/24/2020, Service Updates
Azure Monitor Log Analytics has greatly improved the ability to visualize logs data.