Service Description

"Connected mobile Apps," i.e., lightweight applications executed on mobile devices, are often networked via backend services. The individual clients exchange data, store data, perform authentication, etc. via these services. Microsoft Azure Mobile Apps offer a collection of exactly these frequently needed services on Microsoft Azure. These services include, inter alia, the following functions:

  • User authentication (via Microsoft Account, Facebook, Twitter, and Google ID) with appropriate access control for service calls
  • Storage of data in Blob, Table, Queue Service, or SQL Database
  • Communication via Service Bus
  • Push notifications
  • Scheduled execution of server-side scripts

It is also possible to provide custom interfaces in addition to data-based interfaces (for writing, reading, modifying, deleting data).

The preconfigured Microsoft Azure Mobile Apps can be deployed very easily, without major programming effort, as backend services for Windows 8.x, Windows Phone 8.x, Windows 10, iOS, Android, and Web clients. Templates for relevant new Apps or code fragments for existing Apps can be downloaded from the portal. This greatly simplifies the development of simple mobile applications that use cloud services.

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Getting Started

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