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Using Machine Learning, forecasts for further data can be made on the basis of existing data sets. Existing data can be divided into training data and control data. Forecast models can be created from pre-built analysis algorithms or analysis algorithms written using the R programming language. These can be trained using the training data. The forecasting accuracy achieved with the models can then be verified using the control data. The models can, in turn, be provided as a Web service. All of this is possible in an integrated graphical development environment where dataflow charts of data and process components can be created and configured by drag & drop.

Getting Started

  1. Hands-On with Azure Machine Learning
    9/30/2016, Mva
  2. Cloud-Based Machine Learning for the Developer
    5/4/2015, Video, 1:13:33
  3. Intro and Overview Azure Machine Learning
    1/27/2017, Video, 0:26:04
  4. Azure ML Hands-on-Lab
    6/1/2016, Lab
  5. Introducing Azure Machine Learning
    6/26/2016, Whitepaper
  6. Azure Data Analytics for Developers
    11/21/2016, Mva
  7. Building Recommendation Systems in Azure
    9/17/2015, Mva
  8. Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Machine Learning
    3/11/2016, Ebook
  9. Data Science in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and R
    3/17/2016, Ebook

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Online Training Content

Date Title
1/16/2017 Cortana Intelligence Suite End-to-End
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11/21/2016 Azure Data Analytics for Developers
9/30/2016 Hands-On with Azure Machine Learning
7/4/2016 Design and Implement Big Data & Advanced Analytics Solutions
3/21/2016 Building Blocks: Big Data and Machine Learning
11/2/2015 Data Science and Machine Learning Essentials
9/17/2015 Building Recommendation Systems in Azure


Tool Description


Date Title Length
10/10/2017 Understanding big data on Azure - structured, unstructured and streaming | BRK2293 1:15:05
10/5/2017 Azure Machine Learning By-Example Data Transform 0:04:12
10/5/2017 Azure Machine Learning Command Line Interface (CLI) 0:01:57
10/5/2017 Azure Machine Learning Run History 0:04:31
10/2/2017 Cloud Tech 10 - Ignite 2017 Edition - 2nd October 2017 0:06:16
9/30/2017 The future of IoT analytics: The Edge complementing the cloud 1:15:40
9/30/2017 Real-time big data analytics: Harnessing the power of now 1:29:55
9/30/2017 Amplifying human ingenuity with Microsoft AI 0:21:05
9/30/2017 Microsoft makes artificial intelligence real 0:19:37
9/29/2017 First look at What’s New in Azure Machine Learning 1:13:24

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