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Log Analytics monitors cloud and on-premises environments to maintain availability and performance. Get insight across workloads and systems to maintain availability and performance. Learn how to collect, analyze, and act on data with our quickstarts, tutorials and samples.

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  1. 9/5/2017, Video, 0:13:02
    Evgeny Ternovsky joins Scott Hanselman to talk about Azure Log Analytics and its upgraded search platform, including a dedicated query experience and a powerful new query...
  2. 10/11/2016, Video, 0:16:50
    For a Guide to a Modern IT Environment, click: http://aka.ms/GuideModernIT. With the increase in cyber attacks over the past two years, organizations need intelligence based...
  3. 9/30/2017, Video, 1:06:21
    Azure Log Analytics is now offering new interactive and expressive query language and advanced analytics portal. The service is now powered by the same highly scalable and low...
  4. 9/28/2016, Video, 1:08:06
    Learn about the core capabilities of Microsoft Azure Monitoring applicable to all Azure resources. Learn about the new capabilities of Azure monitoring in the Portal, ranging...

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Azure Documentation

1. Azure Log Analytics Documentation
2. Overview
     2.1. What is Log Analytics?
3. Quickstarts
     3.1. Collect - Azure VMs
     3.2. Collect - Linux computer
     3.3. Collect - Windows Computer
4. Tutorials
     4.1. 1 - Analyze data
     4.2. 2 - Visualize data
     4.3. 3 - Alert on data
5. Samples
     5.1. Azure PowerShell
6. Concepts
     6.1. Workspace upgrade
          6.1.1. Upgrade overview
          6.1.2. Summary of changes
          6.1.3. Upgrade FAQ
     6.2. Log Analytics FAQ
     6.3. Data consumption
     6.4. Manage access
     6.5. Monitor hybrid environments
     6.6. Features for service providers
     6.7. Log Search
          6.7.1. Log searches overview
          6.7.2. Log Search portals
7. How-to guides
     7.1. Create Log Analytics workspace
     7.2. Collect data
          7.2.1. Connected sources
      Windows agents
      Azure resources
      Azure PaaS resources
      Diagnostic or log data from Azure storage
      Operations Manager
      Configuration Manager
      OMS Gateway
          7.2.2. Data sources
      Data sources overview
      Windows events
      Custom JSON data
      Collectd performance data
      Nagios and Zabbix alerts
      Performance counters
      Linux application performance
      IIS logs
      Custom logs
      Custom fields
      Data collector API
     7.3. Query data
          7.3.1. Language documentation
          7.3.2. Transition from legacy language
          7.3.3. Cross-workspace searches
          7.3.4. Take action from search results
          7.3.5. Use computer groups
          7.3.6. Flow connector
     7.4. Legacy log search
          7.4.1. Log searches overview
          7.4.2. Search reference
      Regular expressions
     7.5. Analyze data
          7.5.1. Dashboards
          7.5.2. View Designer
      Tile reference
      Visualization part reference
          7.5.3. Power BI
     7.6. Create alerts
          7.6.1. Understanding alerts
          7.6.2. Alert actions
          7.6.3. Create alert rules
      OMS portal
      REST API
      Resource Manager template
          7.6.4. Webhook action sample
          7.6.5. Alert Management solution
     7.7. Manage
          7.7.1. Agent management
          7.7.2. Manage workspace cost
          7.7.3. Delete a workspace
     7.8. Troubleshoot
          7.8.1. Troubleshoot VM Extension
          7.8.2. Troubleshoot Linux agent
     7.9. Use solutions
          7.9.1. Solutions overview
          7.9.2. Target solutions
          7.9.3. Azure activity logs
      Collect across subscriptions
          7.9.4. AD Assessment
          7.9.5. AD Replication Status
          7.9.6. Agent Health
          7.9.7. Alert management
          7.9.8. Application Insights Connector
          7.9.9. Azure SQL Analytics
          7.9.10. Azure Web Apps Analytics
          7.9.11. Capacity and performance
          7.9.12. Change Tracking
          7.9.13. Containers
          7.9.14. DNS Analytics
          7.9.15. IT Service Management Connector
      IT Service Management connections
          7.9.16. Key Vault
          7.9.17. Logic Apps B2B Messages
      Logic Apps B2B Messages solution
      Logic Apps B2B custom tracking schema
          7.9.18. Malware Assessment
          7.9.19. Networking Analytics
          7.9.20. Network Performance Monitor
          7.9.21. Office 365
          7.9.22. SCOM Health Check
          7.9.23. Security Audit
          7.9.24. Service Fabric with Azure PowerShell
      Service Fabric with Azure Resource Manager
          7.9.25. Service Map
          7.9.26. SQL Health Check
          7.9.27. Surface Hub
          7.9.28. Update Management
          7.9.29. VMware
          7.9.30. Windows Analytics
      Update Compliance
      Upgrade Readiness
          7.9.31. Wire Data
     7.10. Develop
          7.10.1. PowerShell cmdlets
          7.10.2. Resource Manager templates
          7.10.3. Log Search API
          7.10.4. Alert API
8. Reference
     8.1. Language reference
     8.2. Azure PowerShell
     8.3. REST
9. Resources
     9.1. Azure Roadmap
     9.2. Pricing
     9.3. Pricing calculator
     9.4. Service updates
     9.5. Windows Analytics

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11/1/2017 Get Intelligent Insights for Improving Azure SQL Database Performance 0:10:00
9/30/2017 The improved Azure Log Analytics: A powerful query language with machine learning, and more 1:06:21
9/11/2017 Enterprise HDInsight Monitoring with Operations Management Suite 0:26:58
9/5/2017 Azure Friday: Azure Log Analytics 0:13:03
9/5/2017 Azure Log Analytics 0:13:02
2/10/2017 Power Up your Monitoring with OMS Insights and Analytics 1:12:20
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10/11/2016 Combating Corporate Security Threats: Getting Started with Log Analytics 0:16:50

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