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Encryption is a proven means of securing data in the cloud. Secure management of the keys used is essential to effectively protecting data in the cloud. With Key Vault, keys and secret keys such as passwords can be encrypted using keys that are stored in HSMs (hardware security modules). Additional security is ensured if user keys are imported or generated in HSMs that are certified for FIPS 140-2 Level 2 and Common Criteria EAL4+.

This way, the keys do not leave the HSM system. With Key Vault, keys are invisible to Microsoft and cannot be extracted.

Getting Started

  1. 10/1/2015, Video, 0:17:36
    Today Amit Bapat introduces Scott to Azure Key Vault. With Azure Key Vault, you can encrypt keys and small secrets like passwords using keys stored in hardware security...
  2. 8/25/2015, Video, 1:16:24
    Managing cryptographic keys and secrets is an essential part of safeguarding data in the cloud. With the new Azure Key Vault service, customers can easily import/create,...
  3. 5/31/2017, Mva
    Security is a top-level concern when it comes to cloud computing for organizations of all types. In this course, you will be introduced to Azure security and compliance. We...
  4. 9/28/2015, Video, 0:36:39
    In this session, learn how to use disk encryption management for IaaS virtual machines and Azure Key Vault to help protect and safeguard your data to meet your organizational...
  5. 10/11/2016, Video, 0:12:25
    For a Guide to a Modern IT Environment, click: We talk about on TechDefense the importance of encryption for businesses and look at one possible...
  6. 9/28/2016, Video, 1:25:09
    Microsoft Azure enables you to control your data in Azure through advanced technologies to encrypt, control & audit access, separate, and dispose of data according to your...

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Azure Documentation

1. Key Vault Documentation
2. Overview
     2.1. About Key Vault
3. Quickstarts
     3.1. Create a Key Vault - CLI
     3.2. Create a Key Vault - PowerShell
     3.3. Create a Key Vault - Portal
4. Tutorials
     4.1. Read a secret from Key Vault
     4.2. Get started with Key Vault
     4.3. Set up key rotation and auditing
     4.4. Use Key Vault from a web app
5. Samples
     5.1. Code samples
6. Concepts
     6.1. What is Key Vault?
     6.2. Security worlds
     6.3. Soft-delete
     6.4. Storage account keys
     6.5. Throttling
7. How-to guides
     7.1. Manage
          7.1.1. Azure Key Vault logging
          7.1.2. Access behind firewalls
          7.1.3. Availability and redundancy
          7.1.4. Change tenant ID
          7.1.5. Create and manage using Azure CLI
          7.1.6. How to use Key Vault soft-delete with CLI
          7.1.7. How to use Key Vault soft-delete Azure PowerShell
          7.1.8. Use groups to grant access
          7.1.9. Secure your key vault
     7.2. Automate
          7.2.1. Azure automation
8. Reference
     8.1. Azure PowerShell
     8.2. Azure CLI
     8.3. .NET
     8.4. Java
     8.5. Node.js
          8.5.1. Vault management
          8.5.2. Vault contents management
     8.6. REST
     8.7. Develop
          8.7.1. Developer quick start video
          8.7.2. Key Vault developer's guide
          8.7.3. Service limits
          8.7.4. HSM-protected keys
          8.7.5. Migrate to .NET 2.0
          8.7.6. Save Web App secrets
          8.7.7. Service authentication using .NET
          8.7.8. Working with Visual Studio
      Use the Key Vault Connected Service
      Get started with ASP.NET projects
      What happened to my ASP.NET project?
      Get started with ASP.NET Core projects
      What happened to my ASP.NET Core project?
9. Resources
     9.1. Service overview
     9.2. About Keys, Secrets and Certificates
          9.2.1. Get started with certificates
          9.2.2. Certificate creation methods
          9.2.3. Monitor and manage certificate creation
     9.3. Authentication, Requests and Responses
     9.4. Customer data features
     9.5. Common parameters and headers
     9.6. Key Vault Versions
     9.7. Azure Roadmap
     9.8. Blog
     9.9. Code Samples
     9.10. Forums
     9.11. Pricing
     9.12. Pricing calculator

Online Training Content

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2/25/2017 Microsoft Azure for IT Pros Content Series: Management & Security
7/16/2015 Getting Started with Azure Security for the IT Professional


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