Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 11/17/2017, Video, 0:16:38
    You can use Visual Studio Team Services to build and deploy apps in any language, including Java. With great support for tools like Maven, it's easy to create CI/CD workflows...
  2. 11/22/2017, Webpage
    Learn to interact with Azure services through code

Java Videos

Azure Unblogged - Open Source at Microsoft
5/27/2020, YouTube: IT Ops Talk
Modern Java for cloud developers | INT160B
5/26/2020, YouTube: Microsoft Developer
ASP.NET Core Series: MVC and Razor Pages
ASP.NET Core Series: MVC and Razor Pages
First steps with Razor pages | COM224
5/26/2020, YouTube: Microsoft Developer
Introduction to Web Programming with JavaScript | COM225
5/26/2020, YouTube: Microsoft Developer

Java News

5/7/2020, Hanselminutes
Tomomi Imura loves two things: The web, and cats. It's only reasonable that she combine them in everything that she does. She talks to Scott about Code and Creativity, Making things,...
The Azure Sphere 20.04 update is now available in the Retail feed. The 20.04 release of Azure Sphere OS includes new features to support EAP-TLS networking and certificate management. A single...
4/30/2020, Azure Podcast
Principal Group PM of the Azure Confidential Computing team, Vikas Bhatia, share his passion about this innovative service in Azure. He lays out the reasons for this initiative, gives us the...
4/10/2020, Service Updates
Monitor Java applications in any environment without changing the code with Azure Monitor Application Insights. A preview of the new codeless Java agent is now available.
4/8/2020, Microsoft Azure Blog
Azure Monitor’s new Source Map Support expands a growing list of tools that empower developers to observe, diagnose, and debug their JavaScript applications. Difficult to debug As organizations…
4/3/2020, Azure DevOps Blog
Happy Friday! Maintaining our “social distance” can be tough, but fortunately reading through these posts and experimenting ourselves is a great way to pass the time. Today’s selection of...
3/26/2020, Microsoft Developer Blogs
Hello Android dual-screen developers! Today we are releasing a preview of our first dual-screen layout control for Java and Kotlin developers. The new control and asso
3/19/2020, Microsoft Azure Blog
We're announcing the general availability of Python, .NET, Java, and JS filesystem SDKs for Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen2 in all Azure regions.
3/11/2020, Service Updates
Unminify JavaScript with One Click
2/18/2020, Service Updates
Power BI Embedded now has the capability to set a basic filter as a single selection filter. To do this, when editing the report, select the checkbox that says Require single selection at the...
2/14/2020, Service Updates
The Azure IoT Java and C# SDKs have each now released new long-term support (LTS) branches.
1/13/2020, Microsoft Developer Blogs
In this post, Premier Consultant Pete Tian explains how to use Azure Application Insights in Java Spring Boot Projects. In cloud native microservices ecosystem, on
12/20/2019, Service Updates
We have added two more SDK languages to the IoT Plug and Play public preview. You can now develop with the Azure IoT Csharp SDK and the Azure IoT Java SDK, in addition to Azure IoT SDK for...