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3/30/2017 Pluralsight: Microsoft Azure IaaS Monitoring and Management - Getting Started
2/24/2017 Pluralsight: Managing Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure - Getting Started
5/20/2015 Microsoft Azure - Basic Services
4/14/2015 Windows Azure Pack: Express Installation Walkthrough
4/14/2015 Windows Azure Pack: Partner Solutions
3/9/2015 Managing Your Systems on Microsoft Azure with Chef
3/2/2015 Open Source Database on Microsoft Azure
1/28/2015 Is your lack of a disaster recovery site keeping you up at night?
1/20/2015 Azure Networking Fundamentals for IT Pros
12/19/2014 Optimize Workload Architecture and Administration Capabilities Within Azure

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Tool Description
Scale Azure SQL Data Warehouse Scale Azure SQL Data WarehouseThis is a simple runbook that will allow you to scale your Azure SQL Data Warehouse.Depending on your goals with Azure SQL Data Warehouse, at time it is important to scale up and down depending the incoming workload or amount of data. In Automation,
Easy Shutdown/Start for ARM and Classic VMs This script shutdowns/starts VMs (both ASM and ARM) just by given a Subscription name and a VM name.
Automate Installation of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Virtual Machine Extensions Script to automate the installation of VM Extensions on Azure VMs. The "Extension Name" (Type) and "Publisher Name" are passed are parameters, along with optional "SettingString" JSON that can be used to configure Extension properties.
Create Azure service fabric cluster with ARM template and powershell Create Azure service fabric cluster with ARM template and powershellThis step-by-step guide walks you through setting up a secure Azure Service Fabric cluster with scale set, storage accounts, load balancer in Azure by using Azure Resource Manager.note - Key vault , Reverse proxy
Azure Enterprise Lift and Shift Checklist This Excel file acts as a checklist to accompany the Azure Enterprise Lift and Shift Guidance.The link to the Guidance article is coming soon.The guidance discusses the process enterprise IT staff and decision makers can use to identify and plan the migration of applications and
Download Billing Data This Automation Runbook runbook gets the invoices from all the specified accounts.         Required parameters            AutomationAccountName: name of the automation account we are using            AutomationResourceGroup: name of the resource group that contains the automation


Date Title Length
10/16/2017 Cloud Tech 10 - 16th October 2017 - Batch AI, Durable Functions, File Share Snapshots and more! 0:05:59
10/14/2017 Terraform With Azure 0:30:41
10/13/2017 Azure Friday: ILB ASE and Application Gateway 0:10:13
10/13/2017 ILB ASE and Application Gateway 0:10:12
10/10/2017 Managing enterprise applications, permissions, and consent in Azure Active Directory | THR2071 0:37:11
10/5/2017 Enterprise-grade security for your cloud apps with Microsoft Cloud App Security | THR2197R 0:17:00
10/5/2017 Ensure users have the right access with Azure Active Directory | BRK3013 1:20:33
10/5/2017 Protect your data with Microsoft Azure Backup | BRK3132 1:07:07
10/5/2017 Windows 10 management with Microsoft 365 Business (Repeat) | THR2216R 0:18:35
10/5/2017 Master VMs in Microsoft Azure Resource Manager | BRK3271 0:49:35

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