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In addition to pure data storage, Microsoft Azure also provides capabilities for evaluation and processing of data stored in Azure. The flexible, straightforward provision of even major compute and storage resources, which can be deactivated after data is evaluated, makes Azure the ideal environment for such additional data processing.

HD Insight enables the analysis of large data sets with the aid of Hadoop, an open source framework very popular for calculating "Big Data problems," i.e., evaluations of data sets that cannot be stored in a relational database (e.g., because they are too large or they do not have a relational structure). In these situations, Microsoft Azure makes it possible to automatically provision Hadoop VMs, distributed data and computation algorithms, etc. In addition to efficiently computing MapReduce algorithms, it also supports other concepts such as Hive and Pig.

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  1. 10/3/2016, Webpage
    In HDInsight, you can work with big data in the cloud by using Hadoop, HBase, Apache Storm, and customized clusters. This learning path will help you learn Hadoop and its...
  2. 5/24/2017, Mva
    More and more organizations are taking on the challenge of analyzing big data. This course teaches you how to use the Hadoop technologies in Microsoft Azure HDInsight to build...
  3. 5/24/2017, Mva
    In this four week course, you’ll learn how to implement low-latency and streaming Big Data solutions using Hadoop technologies like HBase, Storm, and Spark on Microsoft Azure...
  4. 5/24/2017, Mva
    This course is part of the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science and part of the Microsoft Azure HDInsight Big Data Analyst XSeries. Are you ready for...
  5. 1/16/2017, Mva
    If you’d like to learn how to architect solutions in Cortana Intelligence Suite and how to build intelligence into your applications, don’t miss this workshop! Build an...
  6. 2/10/2017, Video, 1:08:27
    With HDInsight, you can run managed Big Streaming technologies on Microsoft Azure with a rich suite of open source technologies ranging from Hadoop to Kafka to Spark, enabling...
  7. 9/28/2017, Video, 1:12:13
    Microsoft Azure provides a broad range of services for working with data. Using these services well requires knowing at least a little bit about all of them. In this session,...

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Online Training Content

Date Title
5/24/2017 Dat202.1x - Processing Big Data with Hadoop in Azure HDInsight
5/24/2017 Dat202.2x - Implementing Real-Time Analytics with Hadoop in Azure HDInsight
5/24/2017 Dat202.3x - Implementing Predictive Analytics with Spark in Azure HDInsight
5/24/2017 Orchestrating Big Data with Azure Data Factory
1/16/2017 Cortana Intelligence Suite End-to-End
3/21/2016 Building Blocks: Big Data and Machine Learning
6/3/2015 Einführung in Microsoft Azure–Advanced Services
4/29/2014 Implementing Big Data Analysis


Tool Description
HDInsight: Scale Horizontally Scale-HDInsightClusterNodes is a simple PowerShell workflow runbook that will help you automate the process of scaling in or out your HDInsight clusters depending on your needs.The script receives 4 parameters:ResourceGroupName: The name of the resource group where the cluster re
Azure Feature Pack for Integration Services (SSIS) SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Feature Pack for Azure for SQL Server 2016 is an extension that provides the following components for SSIS to connect to Azure, transfer data between Azure and on-premises data sources, and process data stored in Azure.


Date Title Length
1/16/2018 StreamSets on Azure HDInsight 0:07:06
1/16/2018 Creating custom applications on Azure HDInsight 0:07:58
1/9/2018 Extending Azure HDInsight to install open source components 0:05:49
1/9/2018 Azure HDInsight Application Platform Overview 0:07:31
12/18/2017 Azure Friday | Apache Kafka on HDInsight 0:17:20
12/18/2017 Apache Kafka on HDInsight 0:17:19
11/17/2017 Apply real-time analytics with Azure Cosmos DB and Spark | T135 0:06:50
11/16/2017 Get high-performance streaming analytics with Azure Databricks | T164 0:08:17
11/15/2017 Real-time analytics with Apache Kafka for HDInsight 0:16:32
11/15/2017 Breakpoint debugging of Spark jobs in Azure HDInsight  0:11:13

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