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Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 10/5/2016, Video, 0:54:01
    In this episode, Robert is joined by Jeremy Foster, who just did a GitHub for Windows users course for Microsoft Virtual Academy. Here, he focuses on how you can use GitHub in...
  2. 8/10/2020, Trainings
    With GitHub Learning Lab, grow your skills by completing fun, realistic projects. Get advice and helpful feedback from our friendly Learning Lab bot.


Learning Paths

Collaborate with others with Markdown and GitHub Pages
Published: 7/2/2020, Length: 3:26:00
Learn how to use Markdown to effectively communicate with others in your GitHub issues, pull requests, comments, and documentation. Then learn how to build project sites and blog posts to promote your projects with GitHub Pages.
Manage the lifecycle of your projects on GitHub
Published: 7/2/2020, Length: 6:23:00
Through work planning and tracking, effective branching strategies, and extending GitHub through its API, manage releases all the way from idea to working software in the hands of your users.
Build community-driven software projects on GitHub
Published: 7/2/2020, Length: 6:06:00
Learn how GitHub enables you to build communities that foster communication and collaboration while reinforcing recommended guidelines, codes of conduct, and security best practices.

Learning Modules

Leverage GitHub Actions to publish to GitHub Packages
Published: 10/19/2020, Length: 0:38:00
Introduction to GitHub in Visual Studio Code
Published: 11/1/2020, Length: 0:22:00
Contribute to an open-source project on GitHub
Published: 11/11/2020, Length: 0:27:00
Introduction to GitHub's Products
Published: 11/16/2020, Length: 0:19:00
Introduction to GitHub administration
Published: 11/16/2020, Length: 0:21:00

GitHub News

Warning users about account relinking during SAML SSO
Security overview is now available to all GitHub Enterprise users
8/8/2022, GitHub Blog
Supply chain attacks exploit our implicit trust of open source to hurt developers and our customers. Read our proposal for how npm will significantly reduce supply chain attacks by signing...
GitHub Actions: runner images repository refresh
8/8/2022, GitHub Blog
Today, we’re expanding access to the GitHub security overview! All GitHub Enterprise customers now have access to the security overview, not just those with GitHub Advanced Security....
The ability for GitHub Enterprise Cloud owners to display members’ IP addresses for all audit logs events for private repositories and other enterprise assets, such as issues and projects, is...
8/5/2022, GitHub Blog
While some of us have been wrapping up the financial year, and enjoying vacation time, others have been hard at work shipping open source projects and releases. These projects include everything...
8/4/2022, GitHub Blog
From hosting private packages in a private repository to tightening your security profile with GITHUB_TOKEN, here are five simple ways you can streamline your workflow with GitHub Packages.
Commit comments no longer appear in the pull request timeline
Introducing the new npm Dependency Selector Syntax
8/3/2022, GitHub Blog
In July, we experienced one incident that resulted in degraded performance for Codespaces. This report also acknowledges two incidents that impacted multiple services in June.
GitHub Actions: Remove offline self-hosted runners
Privacy statement updates: Adding web cookies to enterprise marketing subdomains
8/2/2022, GitHub Blog
Attention all students! Make managing your virtual hackathon events even easier with the new Hackathon in the Cloud Experience.
REST API now available for the organization-level security manager role (Public Beta)
Debugging CodeQL analysis in code scanning made easier by obtaining detailed logs and debugging artifacts from the CodeQL Action
7/31/2022, MS Tech Community
Like all good problems, it started with a tweet: JT is trying to run a Blazor application, using appsettings.json but load a different one depending on what environment is being deployed to....
Audit Log Streaming to Datadog available as Private Beta
7/29/2022, MS Tech Community
I recently had a project where we had the chance to convert a Palo Alto ruleset to an Azure Firewall Policy. I had recently created a script to generate a Firewall Policy for Microsoft 365...
GitHub CLI extension to manage Actions cache