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  1. 11/3/2015, Video, 0:26:50
    Learn about Azure Files Storage, including the new SMB 3.0-based capabilities that are now available at GA. This video includes a review of Files Storage scenarios and an...
  2. 9/30/2017, Video, 0:24:51
    Azure Disks and Files provide persistent block storage volumes and shared storage over SMB respectively for your virtual machines in Microsoft Azure. In this session, come...
  3. 6/20/2016, Tool
    Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer (Preview) is a standalone app from Microsoft that allows you to easily work with Azure Storage data on Windows, OSX and Linux.

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1. Get started
     1.1. Create a storage account
     1.2. Create a file share
     1.3. Mount on Windows
     1.4. Mount on Linux
     1.5. Mount on macOS
     1.6. Manage with the Azure portal
     1.7. Manage with PowerShell
     1.8. Manage with the Azure CLI
     1.9. Manage with Storage Explorer
2. How To
     2.1. Plan
          2.1.1. Planning for an Azure Files deployment
          2.1.2. Planning for an Azure File Sync deployment
          2.1.3. Understanding storage accounts
          2.1.4. Understanding file share snapshots
          2.1.5. Data redundancy
      Redundancy overview
      Locally-redundant storage
      Zone-redundant storage
      Geo-redundant storage
          2.1.6. Scalability and performance targets
          2.1.7. Disaster recovery guidance
          2.1.8. Azure File Sync release notes
     2.2. Deploy
          2.2.1. How to deploy Azure Files
          2.2.2. How to deploy Azure File Sync
          2.2.3. Azure File Sync proxy and firewall settings
     2.3. Manage
          2.3.1. Register a server with Azure File Sync
          2.3.2. Add an Azure File Sync Server endpoint
          2.3.3. PowerShell for China, Government, and German clouds
          2.3.4. Azure Automation
     2.4. Develop
          2.4.1. Managing concurrency
          2.4.2. .NET
          2.4.3. Java
          2.4.4. C++
          2.4.5. Python
          2.4.6. Samples
          2.4.7. Configure connection strings
     2.5. Secure
          2.5.1. Security guide
          2.5.2. Configure firewalls and virtual networks
          2.5.3. Encryption for data at rest
          2.5.4. Require secure transfer
          2.5.5. Shared key authentication
          2.5.6. Shared access signatures (SAS)
          2.5.7. Enable secure TLS for Azure Storage client
          2.5.8. Compliance offerings
     2.6. Monitor and troubleshoot
          2.6.1. Troubleshoot Azure Files Connections - Windows
          2.6.2. Troubleshoot Azure Files Connections - Linux
          2.6.3. Troubleshoot Azure File Sync
          2.6.4. Troubleshooting tutorial
          2.6.5. Monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot
          2.6.6. Metrics and logging
      Metrics in Azure Monitor
      Migrate to new metrics
      Storage Analytics
      Enable and view metrics (classic)
     2.7. Transfer Data
          2.7.1. Move data to and from Storage
          2.7.2. AzCopy on Windows
          2.7.3. AzCopy on Linux
     2.8. Samples
3. Reference
     3.1. PowerShell
     3.2. Azure CLI
     3.3. .NET
          3.3.1. Blobs, Queues, Tables, and Files
          3.3.2. Data movement
          3.3.3. Resource Manager
     3.4. Java
          3.4.1. Blobs, Queues, Tables, and Files
          3.4.2. Resource Manager
     3.5. Node.js
     3.6. Ruby
     3.7. PHP
     3.8. Python
     3.9. C++
     3.10. iOS
     3.11. Android
     3.12. REST
          3.12.1. Blobs, Queues, Tables, and Files
          3.12.2. Resource provider
          3.12.3. Import/Export
4. Resources
     4.1. Azure Roadmap
     4.2. Azure Storage client tools
     4.3. Stack Overflow
     4.4. Forum
     4.5. Pricing
     4.6. Pricing calculator
     4.7. Service updates
     4.8. Videos
     4.9. Azure Storage Explorer
          4.9.1. Storage Explorer
          4.9.2. Storage Explorer release notes
          4.9.3. Troubleshoot Storage Explorer
          4.9.4. Storage Explorer accessibility
     4.10. NuGet packages
          4.10.1. Azure Storage Client Library for .NET
          4.10.2. Azure Storage Data Movement Library
          4.10.3. Azure Configuration Manager
     4.11. Source code
          4.11.1. .NET
      Blob, queue, table, and file
      Data movement
      Resource provider
          4.11.2. Node.js
          4.11.3. Java
          4.11.4. C++
          4.11.5. PHP
          4.11.6. Python
          4.11.7. Ruby
          4.11.8. iOS

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Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer (Preview) is a standalone app from Microsoft that allows you to easily work with Azure Storage data on Windows, OSX and Linux.


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