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In the context of the "Internet of Things," data streams from various sources such as Web sites, Apps, sensors, and other devices often need to be processed in real-time. Event Hubs is a high-grade, scalable data hub that can process millions of events per second. Messages are recorded per data source and cached in a partitioned storage area. This storage then enables the one-time or repeated processing of data via recipients connected in parallel.

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  1. 5/5/2017, Mva
    Ready to learn more about Internet of Things (IoT)? Join expert Jeremy Foster for this Azure IoT overview, and find out how to get started. Explore the fundamentals of IoT and...

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Azure Documentation

1. Overview
     1.1. What is Event Hubs?
     1.2. Event Hubs features
     1.3. FAQ
2. Get Started
     2.1. Create an event hub
     2.2. Send events
          2.2.1. .NET Standard
          2.2.2. .NET Framework
          2.2.3. Java
     2.3. Receive events
          2.3.1. .NET Standard
          2.3.2. .NET Framework
          2.3.3. Java
          2.3.4. Apache Storm
     2.4. Capture events
          2.4.1. Use the Azure portal to enable Event Hubs Capture
          2.4.2. Use a Resource Manager template to enable Event Hubs Capture
     2.5. Programming guide
3. How to
     3.1. Plan and design
          3.1.1. Managed Service Identity (preview)
          3.1.2. Role-Based Access Control (preview)
          3.1.3. Geo-disaster recovery and Geo-replication
          3.1.4. Event Hubs Dedicated
          3.1.5. Authentication and security model overview
          3.1.6. Availability and consistency
          3.1.7. Automatically scale throughput units
     3.2. Develop
          3.2.1. Available APIs
      .NET Standard
      .NET Framework
      Diagnostic logs
          3.2.2. AMQP 1.0 protocol guide
     3.3. Manage
          3.3.1. Monitor Event Hubs with Azure Monitoring
          3.3.2. Event Hubs management libraries
          3.3.3. Capture
      Event Hubs Capture
      Capture Event Hubs data using Python
          3.3.4. Using PowerShell to provision entities
          3.3.5. Stream Azure Diagnostics data using Event Hubs
          3.3.6. Create and deploy an event hub using a Resource Manager template
4. Reference
     4.1. Code samples
     4.2. Java
          4.2.1. com.microsoft.azure.eventhubs
          4.2.2. com.microsoft.azure.eventprocessorhost
     4.3. .NET
          4.3.1. Microsoft.Azure.EventHubs
          4.3.2. Microsoft.Azure.EventHubs.Processor
          4.3.3. Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging
          4.3.4. Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging.EventProcessorHost
          4.3.5. Microsoft.Azure.Management.EventHub
     4.4. REST
     4.5. Exceptions
     4.6. Quotas
5. Resources
     5.1. Azure Roadmap
     5.2. Code samples
     5.3. Learning path
     5.4. Pricing
     5.5. Pricing calculator
     5.6. Service updates
     5.7. Stack Overflow
     5.8. Videos

Online Training Content

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