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Cognitive Services allow you to build powerful intelligence into your applications to enable natural and contextual interactions.

Getting Started

  1. Get started with Microsoft Cognitive Services
    12/2/2016, Video, 0:11:26

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Azure Documentation

1. Overview
     1.1. What is Cognitive Services?
2. Get Started
     2.1. Create an account
     2.2. Text Analytics quick start
     2.3. Recommendations quick start
3. How to
     3.1. Develop with Academic Knowledge API
          3.1.1. Overview
          3.1.2. API reference
     3.2. Develop with Text Analytics API
          3.2.1. API migration
     3.3. Develop with Recommendations API
          3.3.1. Collect training data
          3.3.2. Build types & model quality
          3.3.3. Batch scoring
          3.3.4. Use the Recommendations UI
     3.4. Develop with Speaker Recognition API
          3.4.1. API overview
          3.4.2. API reference
     3.5. Develop with Face API
     3.6. Develop with Emotion API
     3.7. Develop with Computer Vision API
          3.7.1. Overview
          3.7.2. Python API
          3.7.3. C## API
          3.7.4. Call the API
          3.7.5. API reference
     3.8. Develop with Bing APIs
          3.8.1. Bing Search APIs
      Web Search API
      Image Search API
      Video Search API
      News Search API
          3.8.2. Bing Autosuggest API
          3.8.3. Bing Spell Check API
          3.8.4. Bing Speech API
     3.9. Develop with Web Language Model API
     3.10. Develop with Language Understanding Intelligent Service
4. Reference
     4.1. PowerShell
     4.2. REST
5. Resources
     5.1. Pricing
     5.2. Videos
     5.3. Service updates


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