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The Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of Microsoft Azure data centers distributed around the world. Content from Microsoft Azure Blob storage or Web Apps can be cached in the CDN for a certain period of time, ensuring efficient delivery of Blob storage content: a user is delivered content from the nearest data center when accessing Blob storage. On first access by a user, Azure checks whether the requested data is already available in the CDN location. If this is the case, the data is delivered from that location. If the data is not yet there, it is delivered from the original from Blob storage. A copy is stored in the CDN so that subsequent calls can be served from there.

Getting Started

  1. 10/18/2016, Video, 0:06:25
    Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team talks about how to architect your website for speed with none other than Adam Glick - Senior...
  2. 8/26/2016, Video, 0:12:40
    How to get started with Akamai on Azure CDN, our newest provider, using both the Azure portal and a Powershell script. We explore the features and options in setting up an...
  3. 10/1/2016, Video, 1:12:50
    Many of our largest enterprise customers leverage multiple CDNs to scale their applications globally, optimize performance and cost and provide a high degree of network...
  4. 3/27/2016, Video, 0:18:15
    Azure CDN offers developers a new CDN object model, APIs, and multiple SDKs to help you build global applications with massive scale, high performance and security. We will...

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Azure Documentation

1. Overview
     1.1. What is Azure CDN?
2. Get Started
     2.1. Enable Azure CDN
3. How To
     3.1. Integrate
          3.1.1. Web Apps
          3.1.2. Cloud Services
          3.1.3. Storage
      Integrate a storage account
      SAS storage support
          3.1.4. Cross-origin resource sharing
          3.1.5. Add a custom domain to your CDN endpoint
          3.1.6. Configure HTTPS on a custom domain
     3.2. Optimize content
          3.2.1. Optimization overview
      Large file optimization
      Media streaming optimization
      Dynamic site acceleration
     3.3. Manage
          3.3.1. Manage with Azure PowerShell
          3.3.2. Restrict access by country
          3.3.3. Improve performance by compressing files
          3.3.4. Control caching behavior
      How caching works
      Control caching behavior with caching rules
      Cache content by query strings
           Standard tier
           Premium tier
      Purge cached assets
      Pre-load cached assets
          3.3.5. Configure time-to-live
      Azure web content
      Azure Blob storage
          3.3.6. Token authentication
          3.3.7. Monitor resources
          3.3.8. Override behavior with rules
          3.3.9. Get real-time alerts
          3.3.10. HTTP/2 support
     3.4. Analyze
          3.4.1. Analyze Azure CDN usage patterns
      Azure diagnostics logs
      Analytics tools for Azure CDN from Verizon
           Core reports from Verizon
           Custom reports from Verizon
      Analytics tools for Azure CDN Premium from Verizon
           Generate advanced HTTP reports
           View real-time statistics
           Analyze edge node performance
     3.5. Develop
          3.5.1. .NET
          3.5.2. Node.js
     3.6. Troubleshoot
          3.6.1. 404 status
          3.6.2. File compression
4. Reference
     4.1. Code samples
     4.2. Azure PowerShell
     4.3. .NET
     4.4. Java
     4.5. REST
5. Resources
     5.1. Rules Engine reference
          5.1.1. Rules Engine conditional expressions
          5.1.2. Rules Engine features
          5.1.3. Rules Engine match conditions
     5.2. Azure CDN POP locations
     5.3. Azure Roadmap
     5.4. MSDN forum
     5.5. Pricing
     5.6. Pricing calculator
     5.7. Service updates
     5.8. Stack Overflow
     5.9. Videos

Online Training Content

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Tool Description
Azure Speed Tests Webpage for testing various Azure services including Azure Storage, CDN, etc.


Date Title Length
10/18/2016 Tuesdays with Corey: Website speed with Azure Storage and Azure CDN 0:06:25
10/1/2016 Integrate a multiple CDN architecture into your applications 1:12:50
9/22/2016 Azure CDN with Akamai 0:12:41
8/26/2016 Azure CDN with Akamai 0:12:40
6/9/2016 Using Azure CDN Features in the Azure Portal 0:07:03
5/11/2016 Leveraging the New Azure CDN APIs to Build “Wicked Fast” Applications 0:18:16
5/3/2016 Using Azure CDN features in the Azure Portal 0:07:02
5/2/2016 Developer Tools for the Azure CDN 0:12:14
3/27/2016 Leveraging the New Azure CDN APIs to Build “Wicked Fast” Applications 0:18:15
2/12/2016 Azure CDNs powerful new Premium Features 0:13:02

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