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C++ Videos

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C++ News

5/29/2020, MS Dev Blogs
C++11 introduced variadic templates and template parameter packs. Passing template parameter packs around is a bit of a hassle, because the dots "soak up" parameters, which make them hard to...
4/22/2020, MS Dev Blogs
C++ Build Insights offers more than one way to investigate your C++ build times. In this article, we discuss two methods that you can use to identify bottlenecks in your builds: manually by using...
4/10/2020, Microsoft Developer Blogs
Last time, we looked at how we could build a delegate which, when invoked from a background thread, synchronously does work on a UI thread, but making the background thr
4/9/2020, Microsoft Developer Blogs
Warning to those who stumbled onto this page: Don't use the code on this page without reading all the way to the end. This week, we assembled a function resume_synchrono
4/8/2020, Microsoft Developer Blogs
In Visual Studio 2019 version 16.5 we have continued to improve the C++ backend with new features, new and improved optimizations, build throughput improvements, and bett
4/8/2020, Microsoft Developer Blogs
We've been looking at one specific case of a non-agile delegate, namely a delegate that is invoked on a background thread and wants to execute synchronously on a UI threa
4/7/2020, Microsoft Developer Blogs
The post Creating a non-agile delegate in C++/WinRT, part 2: The synchronous coroutine appeared first on Microsoft Developer Blogs.
4/6/2020, Microsoft Developer Blogs
The post Creating a non-agile delegate in C++/WinRT, part 1: Initial plunge appeared first on Microsoft Developer Blogs.
3/26/2020, Microsoft Developer Blogs
In Visual Studio 2019 version 16.6 Preview 2, we're excited to announce a new preview feature to help C++ developers identify and fix code defects as they write code. Th
3/11/2020, Microsoft Developer Blogs
Giving a C++ lambda expression more than one operator() was an abuse of the language.¹ But one of the side effects of exploring ways to abuse the language is that durin
3/2/2020, Microsoft Developer Blogs
The final specifier in C++ marks a class or virtual member function as one which cannot be derived from or overriden. For example, consider the following code:   struc
2/28/2020, Microsoft Developer Blogs
I've got one type of collection and I want to apply a function to each member of the collection, thereby producing a new collection. Surely there's a standard pattern fo
1/10/2020, Microsoft Developer Blogs
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