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Microsoft Azure Blob Storage enables the secure, highly available storage of large unstructured binary data (BLOB = binary large object) in Microsoft Azure. A single blob can have a size of up to 1 terabyte. Content is automatically stored in triplicate.

Other available options are georeplication and the ability to cache blob content distributed worldwide via the content delivery network (see 6.2). Two types of blobs are available: block blobs and page blobs. The former are suitable for sequential data upload and download, while the latter provide random access to Blob sections.

Blobs are stored within containers. Access privileges can be assigned both at the container level and the Blob level. The relevant element can be declared as public (access possible without authentication) or private. Shared Access Signatures can be created to time-limit access to appropriately authorized users.

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Tool Description
Azure Speed Tests Webpage for testing various Azure services including Azure Storage, CDN, etc.
Azure Speed Test Tool for testing latency of Blob Storage access. Results are shown for all Azure datacenters with a message indicating the nearest datacenter from user's current location.
CloudXplorer A rich UI client for browsing Azure Blobs & Files.
Cloud Combine Cloud Combine is IDE for cloud services that works in a way you expect. It supports Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud as well as golden classics such as FTP.
Azure Management Studio One tool to manage your Microsoft Azure cloud storage, diagnostics data and application workflows.
Azure Feature Pack for Integration Services (SSIS) SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Feature Pack for Azure for SQL Server 2016 is an extension that provides the following components for SSIS to connect to Azure, transfer data between Azure and on-premises data sources, and process data stored in Azure.
Azure Explorer A free storage tool for Microsoft Azure Storage. Among other features, it lets you manage all your Microsoft Azure blobs in one place, reliably upload and download blobs with a responsive UI, transfer blobs between your storage accounts, easily search and filter your blobs.
Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer (Preview) is a standalone app from Microsoft that allows you to easily work with Azure Storage data on Windows, OSX and Linux.
AzCopy AzCopy is a Windows command-line utility designed for copying data to and from Microsoft Azure Blob, File, and Table storage using simple commands with optimal performance. You can copy data from one object to another within your storage account, or between storage accounts.
AdlCopy Tool zum Kopieren von Daten zwischen Azure Blob Storage und Azure Data Lake Store