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Time Series Insights a fully managed analytics, storage, and visualization service that makes it incredibly simple to interactively and instantly explore and analyze billions of events from sources such as Internet of Things. Time Series Insights gives you a near real time global view of your data across various event sources and lets you quickly validate IoT solutions and avoid costly downtime of mission-critical devices. It helps you discover hidden trends, spot anomalies, conduct root-cause analysis in near real-time, all without writing a single line of code through its simple and intuitive user experience. Additionally, it provides rich API’s to enable you to integrate its powerful capabilities in your own existing workflow or application.

Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 11/18/2019, Video, 0:33:43
    Azure Time Series Insights is a fully managed, end-to-end IoT analytics solution to ingest, process, store, and query, time-series-optimized data at scale. Tailored towards...
  2. 1/14/2020, Video, 0:25:58
    Across the broad range of industrial IoT market, cloud-native solutions for comprehensive analytics targeted at large-scale IoT data are evolving. Azure Time Series Insights...

Azure Time Series Insights Videos

Time Series Insights: End-to-end analytics for IoT workloads | THR2361
1/14/2020, YouTube: Microsoft Ignite
Leading IoT edge: Smart buildings use case | THR2074
1/14/2020, YouTube: Microsoft Ignite
Power BI integration with TSI
12/18/2019, YouTube: Microsoft Developer
Power BI integration with TSI
12/18/2019, IoT Show
Azure Time Series Insights
11/18/2019, YouTube: Azure Power Lunch
Leading IoT edge: Smart buildings use case
11/5/2019, Ignite 2019

Azure Time Series Insights News

11/4/2019, Service Updates
Azure Time Series Insights has new capabilities that will help organizations to derive insights from their IoT data. Building upon our extensive analytic capabilities and rich visualizations, the...
10/28/2019, Microsoft Azure Blog
Late last year, we announced the preview of some of the foundational capabilities for our industrial IoT analytics platform with a scalable time series storage for trending decades of data,...