Use Azure Data Box Gateway and Azure Stack Edge devices for over-the-network high performance data transfers. Choose Data Box Gateway to send data for cloud archival, disaster recovery, or to process data at cloud scale. Use Azure Stack Edge to filter, analyze, and transform your data before it moves to Azure. Azure Data Box Edge was recently rebranded as Azure Stack Edge.

Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 11/5/2019, Video, 0:15:00
    Azure Stack Edge is a cloud-managed edge computing appliance that you subscribe to as an Azure service and deploy locally. Join us to learn how you can use intelligent...


Learning Paths

Azure Stack HCI foundations
Published: 12/10/2020, Length: 2:59:00
This learning path introduces you to the Azure Stack portfolio and describes basic architecture, core capabilities, and primary use cases of its products. You'll also learn about differences and similarities between Azure Stack HCI, Azure Stack Hub, Azure Stack Edge, and Azure.
Protect public sector data in Azure
Published: 4/23/2021, Length: 0:41:00
Learn to design conceptual architecture for data classifications using data residency for Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 services while utilizing Azure regions and Customer lockbox. Manage breach notifications in Service Trust Portal and Azure Security Center. And encrypt data throughout its lifecycle.
Optimize government operations with Azure
Published: 4/23/2021, Length: 1:26:00
Learn to develop a cloud computing digital transformation solution for the public sector. Use Azure, Azure Stack Hub, and Azure Stack Edge. Enforce data sovereignty, address custom compliance requirements, and apply all available protection to highly sensitive data.

Learning Modules

Introduction to Azure Stack
Published: 12/9/2020, Length: 0:47:00
Design cloud solutions for the public sector
Published: 2/8/2021, Length: 0:15:00
Support data classification with private and hybrid clouds
Published: 2/23/2021, Length: 0:20:00

Azure Stack Edge News

3/24/2022, MS Tech Community
Within the mining, oil and gas, utilities, and manufacturing industries you will find two distinct environments: Information Technology (IT) - this environment is the backbone of an organisation...
3/10/2022, MS Tech Community
    We are excited to announce the General Availability of the Azure Stack Edge Pro 2!  The Pro 2 is a new device in the Azure Stack Edge family, designed from the ground up based on extensive...
2/16/2022, MS Tech Community
We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 116 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below: Get...