The Microsoft Azure Service Bus provides a communication and integration platform for networking distributed Web services. Simple and complex message streams can be implemented regardless of where the individual communication partners are executed (in the cloud or in the customer's data center). Support is provided for point-to-point connections (unidirectional and bidirectional), queues for caching exchanged messages, as well as publish-subscribe patterns about topics where multiple senders can dispatch messages to multiple recipients.

Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 1/7/2020, Video, 0:16:21
    In this episode, Ashish Chhabria returns to talk to us about some of the core features and capabilities  of Azure Service Bus. We will see demos of how to leverage things like...
  2. 1/9/2020, Video, 0:24:28
    In this episode, Ashish Chhabria joins Cecil to talk about some of the more advanced features of Azure Service Bus. They'll cover topics such as scheduling, deferred messages,...
  3. 5/9/2018, Video, 0:20:49
    Messaging and process automation are key elements to architect microservice solutions. Learn how Azure Service Bus and Logic Apps can help you build cloud-native applications...


Learning Paths

Connect your services together
Published: 9/24/2018, Length: 3:31:00
Use Azure to create website front-ends, back-end services, and triggered functions that compute-on-demand and can also communicate with each other.
Architect message brokering and serverless applications in Azure
Published: 10/22/2019, Length: 6:20:00
Learn how to create reliable messaging for your applications, and how to take advantage of serverless application services in Azure.

Learning Modules

Expose hybrid services securely with Azure Relay
Published: 2/21/2020, Length: 0:44:00

Azure Service Bus News

9/2/2020, Azure Podcast
Ashish Chhabria, a Program Manager in the Azure Messaging team, talks to us about the newly added support for JMS 2.0 in Service Bus. He discusses the ease at which existing Java applications can...
8/5/2020, Service Updates
In order to provide Azure Service Bus to more customers irrespective of their application stack and application ecosystem, and in keeping with that vision, we’re announcing feature parity with...
Azure Service Bus simplifies enterprise messaging scenarios by leveraging familiar queue and topic subscription semantics over the industry driven AMQP protocol.
7/28/2020, Azure Podcast
Azure has a number of top-notch messaging services in Event Grid, Event Hubs, Service Bus, IoT Hub, Relay etc. It can be confusing at times as to which one is the right one for the job. Luckily...
Improve health, wellbeing, and productivity by tracking your home workspace CO2 levels How to build a healthier working environment by monitoring CO2, temperature, and humidity levels with an...
7/8/2020, Service Updates
Seamlessly lift and shift your Java and Spring workloads to Azure while also modernizing your application stack to take full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing. Azure Service Bus...
6/3/2020, MS Dev Blogs
In this post, Big Data Consultant Rakhi Guha shows how to get started with Python scripting to manage Service Bus Queue messages. This article provides a detailed idea on the following...
6/2/2020, Azure Podcast
Ganesh Srinivasan, a Principal PM Manager in the Azure Networking team, talks to the crew about the possibilities and scenarios when placing compute as close to the edge as possible. Media...
5/26/2020, Service Updates
Send, receive, and peek from queues, topics, and subscriptions, now from the Azure portal (in preview).
  To help you secure your IoT solution from exposure to the public internet, we’re announcing two Azure IoT Hub features to support the virtual network (VNet) connectivity pattern: IoT Hub now...
5/21/2020, Azure Podcast
Allison Farris, a Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft's UK subsidiary, shares her passion and experience with Azure Functions. She gives us insights into how customers are leveraging...