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Azure Search offers a search engine as a service. Various data sources can be configured as the basis for the search. The underlying evaluation models can be adapted and the search results thus tailored to business objectives. The search index is automatically created and updated.

Getting Started

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Azure Documentation

1. Overview
     1.1. What is Azure Search?
2. Get Started
     2.1. Choose a SKU
     2.2. Create a service
     2.3. Create an index
          2.3.1. Azure portal
          2.3.2. .NET
          2.3.3. REST
     2.4. Add data
          2.4.1. Azure portal
          2.4.2. .NET
          2.4.3. REST
     2.5. Search an index
          2.5.1. Azure portal
          2.5.2. .NET
          2.5.3. REST
3. Tutorials
     3.1. .NET
     3.2. .NET synonyms preview
     3.3. Portal
     3.4. Node.js
     3.5. Java
4. How to
     4.1. Plan and design
          4.1.1. Service limits
          4.1.2. Service scalability
          4.1.3. Design patterns for multitenancy
     4.2. Develop
          4.2.1. Upgrade the SDK
          4.2.2. Upgrade the REST API
          4.2.3. Model complex data types
     4.3. Manage
          4.3.1. Administer Azure Search
      Azure portal
          4.3.2. Monitor usage and statistics
          4.3.3. Search traffic analytics
          4.3.4. Performance and optimization
     4.4. Load data
          4.4.1. Indexer overview
          4.4.2. Azure Blob Storage indexer
          4.4.3. Azure Table Storage indexer
          4.4.4. Azure SQL indexer
          4.4.5. Azure Cosmos DB indexer
          4.4.6. Index CSV blobs
          4.4.7. Index JSON blobs
          4.4.8. Configure indexer connections to SQL Server on Azure VM
          4.4.9. Field mappings in indexers
     4.5. Search
          4.5.1. How full text search works
          4.5.2. Query Construction
      Simple query syntax
      Lucene query syntax
      Lucene syntax query examples
      Filter expression syntax
          4.5.3. Custom Search
      Language analyzers
      Custom analyzers
          4.5.4. Paging results
          4.5.5. Scoring
          4.5.6. Suggestions
          4.5.7. Faceted navigation
          4.5.8. Synonyms preview
5. Reference
     5.1. .NET
     5.2. .NET (Management)
     5.3. Python (Management)
     5.4. REST
     5.5. REST (Management)
6. Resources
     6.1. API versions
     6.2. Azure Roadmap
     6.3. Pricing
     6.4. Service REST (Preview)
     6.5. Service updates
     6.6. Courseware & tutorials
     6.7. Demo sites
     6.8. Partner & community
          6.8.1. Azure Search GitHub
          6.8.2. Azure Search GitHub
          6.8.3. Forum
          6.8.4. Job listings app
          6.8.5. Live demo apps
          6.8.6. Model relational data
          6.8.7. Multilevel faceting
          6.8.8. Search Analyzer Demo
          6.8.9. Stack Overflow
          6.8.10. Videos and tutorials
          6.8.11. Virtual academy

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