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Azure Search offers a search engine as a service. Various data sources can be configured as the basis for the search. The underlying evaluation models can be adapted and the search results thus tailored to business objectives. The search index is automatically created and updated.

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  1. 3/6/2015, Video, 0:12:31
    Scott talks to Azure Search Program Manager Liam Cavanagh. Azure offers Search-as-a-service for web and mobile apps! You can scale out easily and tune indices just the way...
  2. 5/12/2015, Mva
    Want to add a great search experience to your apps and websites? Find out how to give your users the level of availability and efficiency they expect. Azure Search is one of...
  3. 4/27/2015, Video, 1:00:15
    Search is an effective pattern to enable users to get to data in apps quickly. Users expect great search experiences including linguistics in their native languages, good...

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Azure Documentation

1. Azure Search Documentation
2. Overview
     2.1. What is Azure Search?
3. Quickstarts
     3.1. Try cognitive search
     3.2. Create a service
     3.3. Portal
          3.3.1. Create an index
          3.3.2. Import data
          3.3.3. Search Explorer
     3.4. .NET
          3.4.1. Create an index
          3.4.2. Import data
          3.4.3. Search
     3.5. REST
          3.5.1. Create an index
          3.5.2. Import data
          3.5.3. Search
          3.5.4. Test with REST clients
4. Tutorials
     4.1. Cognitive search development
     4.2. Index Azure SQL Database
     4.3. Index Azure blobs
     4.4. Add synonyms in .NET
     4.5. Portal walkthrough
5. Samples
     5.1. Azure code samples
     5.2. GitHub samples
6. Concepts
     6.1. Cognitive search (Preview)
     6.2. Full text search
7. How-to guides
     7.1. Cognitive search (Preview)
          7.1.1. Define a skillset
          7.1.2. Reference an annotation
          7.1.3. Map to index fields
          7.1.4. Process and extract information from images
          7.1.5. Integrate custom skills
          7.1.6. Example - custom skills
          7.1.7. Troubleshooting tips
     7.2. Planning
          7.2.1. Choose a tier
          7.2.2. Service limits
          7.2.3. Allocate partitions and replicas
          7.2.4. Design patterns for multitenancy
     7.3. Security
          7.3.1. Security overview
          7.3.2. Service key management
          7.3.3. Role-based admin access
          7.3.4. Security filters
          7.3.5. Filter on AAD identities
     7.4. Development
          7.4.1. API versions
          7.4.2. Develop in .NET
          7.4.3. Develop in Node.js
          7.4.4. Develop in Java
          7.4.5. Upgrade the SDK
      .NET SDK 5.0
      .NET SDK 3.0
      .NET SDK 1.1
      .NET Management SDK
          7.4.6. Upgrade the REST API
     7.5. Index design
          7.5.1. Index definition
          7.5.2. Analyzers
      Text Analyzers
      Language analyzers API
      Custom analyzers API
          7.5.3. Auto-suggestions
          7.5.4. Model complex data types
          7.5.5. Faceted navigation
          7.5.6. Relevance tuning
          7.5.7. Synonyms (Preview)
     7.6. Indexing data
          7.6.1. Push vs. Pull indexing
          7.6.2. Rebuild an index
          7.6.3. Index large data sets
          7.6.4. Handle concurrent updates
          7.6.5. Indexers
      Indexers overview
      Blob storage indexer
      Table storage indexer
      SQL DB indexer
      Cosmos DB indexer
      CSV blob indexing
      JSON blob indexing
      Connect to SQL Server VMs
      Field mappings
     7.7. Searching data
          7.7.1. Basic query construction
          7.7.2. Simple query syntax
          7.7.3. Lucene query syntax
          7.7.4. Lucene query examples
          7.7.5. Paging results
          7.7.6. Relevance tuning
          7.7.7. Filters
      Filter overview
      Facet filters
      Filter expression syntax
          7.7.8. Performance & optimization
     7.8. Administration & analytics
          7.8.1. Administration (portal)
          7.8.2. PowerShell (Azure Search)
          7.8.3. Monitor usage & statistics
          7.8.4. Search traffic analytics
8. Reference
     8.1. .NET
     8.2. .NET (Management)
     8.3. Python (Management)
     8.4. REST
          8.4.1. 2017-11-11-Preview
     8.5. REST (Management)
     8.6. Cognitive search (Preview)
          8.6.1. 2017-11-11-Preview (REST)
      Create Skillset (Preview)
      Create Indexer (Preview)
          8.6.2. Predefined skills
      Key Phrase Extraction
      Language Detection
      Named Entity Recognition
      Text Merger
      Text Split
      Image Analysis
9. Resources
     9.1. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
     9.2. Pricing
     9.3. Service updates
     9.4. Cognitive search documentation
     9.5. Courseware & tutorials
          9.5.1. Videos & tutorials
          9.5.2. Virtual academy
     9.6. Demo sites
          9.6.1. Search Analyzer Demo
          9.6.2. Live demo apps
          9.6.3. Job listings app
     9.7. Partner & community
          9.7.1. Azure Search MSDN Forum
          9.7.2. Stack Overflow
          9.7.3. blog: Model relational data
          9.7.4. blog: Multilevel faceting

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