Azure Resource Manager enables you to work with the resources in your solution as a group. You can deploy, update, or delete all the resources for your solution in a single, coordinated operation. You use a template for deployment and that template can work for different environments such as testing, staging, and production. Resource Manager provides security, auditing, and tagging features to help you manage your resources after deployment.

Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 4/27/2015, Video, 0:58:23
    In this session, we’ll dive into how Azure Resource Manager CMS simplifies deploying, organizing and securing applications in the cloud.
  2. 9/29/2016, Video, 0:15:40
    If you've ever had to set up a test or production environment for something like SharePoint, you know there are several parts to it - like Active Directory, SQL for your...
  3. 9/29/2016, Video, 1:07:57
    In this session, we show you how organizations manage and control their Microsoft Azure applications in real world situations. Learn how to set up a secure Azure environment...
  4. 9/29/2016, Video, 1:03:30
    Understand how to build, deploy, and maintain apps with Microsoft Azure Resource Manager using templates, PowerShell, CI/CD, and more.
  5. 12/30/2016, Video, 0:04:32
    Learn what to consider and how to create and manage a resource group on the Azure portal.Signup for an Azure Workshop now:
  6. 6/30/2015, Trainings
    Building Infrastructure in Azure using Azure Resource Manager


Learning Paths

Implement resource management security in Azure
Published: 7/1/2020, Length: 4:16:00
Learn how to secure resources using policy, role-based access control, and other Azure services
AZ-400: Develop an instrumentation strategy
Published: 6/25/2020, Length: 9:41:00
Develop an effective instrumentation strategy through logging, telemetry, and monitoring and prepare for Exam AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions.
AZ-104: Manage identities and governance in Azure
Published: 5/14/2020, Length: 7:17:00
Learn how to manage identities and governance in Azure and prepare for Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator.

Learning Modules

Deploy to multiple Azure environments by using ARM templates
Published: 7/10/2020, Length: 0:39:00
Move Azure resources to another resource group
Published: 12/23/2019, Length: 0:42:00
Describe core Azure architectural components
Published: 9/14/2020, Length: 0:34:00

Azure Resource Manager News

5/18/2022, MS Tech Community
There is a resurgence of interest and renewed priority to transform core enterprise systems. This resurgence is largely driven by rapidly shifting workforce dynamics such as retirement, the...
5/17/2022, MS Tech Community
Release News   Exchange Online and Outlook   We will be retiring Data Loss Prevention experience from the classic Exchange Admin Center   SharePoint / OneDrive for Business   Users be...
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Azure Red Hat OpenShift: Como provisionar o primeiro cluster Este é o primeiro de uma série de artigos onde iremos explorar o Azure Red Hat OpenShift, partindo do provisionamento de um cluster,...
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  This blog was authored in collaboration with @Inwafula .   In recent years, cloud computing has grown in leaps and bounds due to its flexibility and agility in supporting business goals. Not...
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At Microsoft, we value, protect, and defend privacy. We believe in transparency, so that people and organizations can control their data and have meaningful choices in how it is used. We empower...
5/11/2022, MS Tech Community
When working with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) it’s difficult to know sometimes where to start. You have a couple of options, go to the Terraform on Azure documentation, then figure out how to...
5/11/2022, MS Tech Community
  The people behind the #30DaysOfSWA: About #30DaysOfSWA  Azure Static Web Apps (SWA) celebrates 1 year of general availability in May!! If you're new to the...
4/29/2022, MS Tech Community
Azure Service Fabric 9.0 is now available! We are excited to announce the release of a feature packed 9.0 version of the Service Fabric runtime that has started rolling out to the various Azure...
4/28/2022, MS Tech Community
Azure Arc-enabled Data Services offers two different connectivity modes to customers – directly connected mode and indirectly connected mode. Today we will explore what each of these modes are,...
4/25/2022, MS Tech Community
We are making automatic extension upgrades for Azure Arc-enabled servers even more automatic! Now, when you deploy an extension to your server, automatic extension upgrades will be enabled by...
4/23/2022, MS Tech Community
Since released from July last year, AlphaFold2 protein folding algorithm is often used by more researchers and companies to drive more innovations for molecular analysis, drug discovery & etc. To...
4/23/2022, MS Tech Community
Azure Video Analyzer for Media (AVAM) aka Azure Video Indexer (VI) is an applied-AI cloud solution, hyper-scale, enterprise grade, productive media workflow solution orchestrating intelligent...
4/20/2022, MS Tech Community
The Azure Arc team is happy to announce the GA of Azure Arc enabled Open Service Mesh. This is an extension for Arc enabled Kubernetes clusters. Open Service Mesh (OSM) is lightweight and...
4/19/2022, MS Tech Community
  Microsoft 365 Platform Community (PnP) April 2022 update is out with a summary of the latest guidance, samples, and solutions from Microsoft or from the community for the community. This...
4/18/2022, MS Tech Community
Author: Brian Lehr, Azure Networking PM   When planning a potential migration of on-premises infrastructure to Azure, you may want to retain your existing public IP addresses due to your...
4/15/2022, MS Tech Community
Azure-Arc enabled Kubernetes helps you to organize, inventory, manage, monitor and secure Kubernetes clusters hosted outside of Azure from a single control pane. The cluster could reside anywhere...
4/14/2022, Azure Podcast
Microsoft MVP, Director of Solution Architecture at WTW and all things Azure expert, Sam Cogan, joins us for an in-depth discussion on Infrastructure as Code. He shares his views and give us...
4/14/2022, Azure App Service
We are happy to announce that you can now enable Virtual Network integration as well as private endpoints for inbound access when creating Web Apps using the Azure Portal. Previously, you had to...
4/13/2022, MS Tech Community
Scenario Deploy a Logic App’s API Connection (ex: Azure Blob Storage) while storing the credentials in Key Vault.   This example uses the Azure Blob Storage connector with the Authentication type...
4/13/2022, MS Tech Community
Compute > Virtual Machines Azure Arc virtual machines now in public preview - Azure Arc virtual machines now in public preview – AVS, VMware and Azure Stack Containers > AKS/Kubernetes Two...