The Azure portal is a web-based, unified console that provides an alternative to command-line tools. With the Azure portal, you can manage your Azure subscription using a graphical user interface. You can build, manage, and monitor everything from simple web apps to complex cloud deployments. Create custom dashboards for an organized view of resources. Configure accessibility options for an optimal experience.

Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 1/9/2019, Video, 0:06:06
    This Cloud in 5 minutes, video is the first of #quickstart series on #Azure. In this one, I will do a quick tour of the Azure #portal, show how to add other members in your...
  2. 4/17/2019, Video, 0:05:50
    The Azure Portal allows you to easily view and navigate to all your resources. In this video of the Azure Portal “How To” Series, you will learn how to go through your Azure...
  3. 10/24/2018, Video, 0:44:47
    In this session, we show you an overview of the new getting started resources that can help you get going with the Azure management portal quickly. We also walk you through...
  4. 2/27/2019, Video, 0:06:51
    In this video of the Azure Portal "How To" series, learn how to easily create, share, and use dashboards in the Azure Portal. Try out these features in the Azure portal:...


Learning Paths

Implement resource management security in Azure
Published: 7/1/2020, Length: 4:16:00
Learn how to secure resources using policy, role-based access control, and other Azure services
Store data in Azure
Published: 1/31/2018, Length: 3:50:00
This learning path gets you started with the basics of storage management in Azure, Storage Account creation, and choices for data storage.
Process and classify images with the Azure Cognitive Vision Services
Published: 2/25/2019, Length: 2:42:00
Microsoft Cognitive Services offers pre-built functionality to enable computer vision functionality in your applications. Learn how to use the Cognitive Vision Services to detect faces, tag and classify images, and identify objects

Learning Modules

Implement Windows Server IaaS VM network security
Published: 9/25/2020, Length: 1:09:00
Add and size disks in Azure virtual machines
Published: 9/24/2018, Length: 0:36:00

Azure Portal News

10/22/2020, MS Tech Community
I’ve been talking to customers about migrating to Azure for a while now and I’m passionate about talking about the Discovery part of your migration project.  The part where you look at your...
10/21/2020, MS Tech Community
We continue improving your ADX Web Explorer user experience, here are some recent features you might have missed.   Cluster friendly names You can now rename your cluster connections to...
10/20/2020, MS Tech Community
Long-running Stored Procedures for Power Platform SQL Connector   The SQL Server connector in Power Platform exposes a wide range of backend features that can be accessed easily with the Logic...
10/1/2020, Service Updates
Updates include improvements to the ARM template deployment experience, a variety of updates for Azure Blob Storage, and more.
9/23/2020, Azure App Service
The first version of the App Service Deployment Center has been generally available since late 2018. The Deployment Center gives a centralized view of all the deployment methods for your web app....
9/22/2020, Azure App Service
For several years, Red Hat and Microsoft have partnered to create cloud solutions that enable enterprises to achieve more. Today, we are happy to announce that Red Hat JBoss Enterprise...
In today’s episode, Jeffrey Palermo is joined by Steve Sanderson! Steve is a developer at Microsoft on the ASP.NET team and the inventor of the first version of Blazor. He has worked on web...
8/5/2020, Service Updates
Azure monitor for containers with Azure portal now supports new Kubernetes resource view. In this new view you can diagnose the issue by drilling down to resource types including deployments,...
5/1/2020, Service Updates
Azure custom roles can now be created and edited in the Azure portal. Use the new experience to ease your role-based access control (RBAC) workflow.