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1. Overview
     1.1. About the Azure portal
2. Tutorials
     2.1. DevOps with the Azure Portal
3. Concepts
     3.1. Azure Resource Manager
     3.2. Keyboard shortcuts
     3.3. Supported browsers and devices
     3.4. The structure of Azure Dashboards
4. How-to guides
     4.1. Deploy
          4.1.1. Create Azure Resource Manager templates
          4.1.2. Deploy with Resource Manager template
          4.1.3. Create and share Azure dashboards
          4.1.4. Programmatically create Azure Dashboards
     4.2. Manage
          4.2.1. Turn on high contrast or change theme
          4.2.2. Use portal to manage resources
          4.2.3. Manage access with Role-Based Access Control
          4.2.4. Share dashboards with Role-Based Access Control
          4.2.5. Use tags to organize resources
          4.2.6. Scale your resources
          4.2.7. Create new Azure service principal
     4.3. Monitor
          4.3.1. Monitor service metrics
          4.3.2. Enable monitoring and diagnostics
          4.3.3. Monitor availability and responsiveness of any web site
          4.3.4. Monitor application performance
          4.3.5. View events and audit logs
          4.3.6. Receive alert notifications
5. Related
     5.1. Azure resource manager template functions
     5.2. Best practices for Autoscale
     5.3. Common metrics for Autoscale
     5.4. Webhooks for Autoscale notifications
     5.5. Webhooks for alerts on audit logs
     5.6. Webhooks for alerts on metrics
     5.7. Azure Insights PowerShell quick start samples
     5.8. Azure Insights CLI quick start samples
6. Resources
     6.1. Azure Roadmap
     6.2. MSDN forum
     6.3. Pricing calculator
     6.4. Stack Overflow

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Date Title
9/30/2016 Microsoft Azure for IT Pros Content Series: Introduction to Microsoft Azure


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Date Title Length
10/4/2017 Locking down access to the Azure Cloud using SSO, Roles Based Access Control, and Conditional 1:16:45
9/30/2017 Getting started with Microsoft Azure and Azure Portal 0:23:31
9/30/2017 Automate all things! Microsoft Azure continuous deployment 0:23:04
9/29/2017 Learn how to use Microsoft Intune with the new admin console and Microsoft Graph API 1:09:17
9/27/2017 Finding your Directory GUID and Rate ID for use in Azure Cost Management Powered by Cloudyn 0:02:12
9/27/2017 Automate all things! Microsoft Azure continuous deployment 0:23:04
9/1/2017 Episode 234: Cosmos DB with Kirill Gavrylyuk - Last Episode! 0:27:24
8/29/2017 Azure Friday: Azure Portal Updates 0:13:34
8/21/2017 Azure Portal Updates 0:13:33
8/16/2017 Episode 233: Azure Event Grid with Bahram Banisadr 0:29:22

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