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Azure Monitor offers visualization, query, routing, alerting, autoscale, and automation on data both from the Azure infrastructure (Activity Log) and each individual Azure resource (Diagnostic Logs).

Getting Started

  1. Getting Started Azure Monitor
    2/10/2017, Video, 0:05:13
  2. Azure Platform Monitoring Overview
    10/5/2016, Video, 0:42:00
  3. Explore Microsoft Azure monitoring and diagnostics
    9/28/2016, Video, 1:08:06

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Azure Documentation

1. Overview
     1.1. Azure Monitor Overview
     1.2. Metrics
     1.3. Alerts
     1.4. Autoscale
     1.5. Activity log
     1.6. Action Groups
     1.7. Diagnostic Logs
     1.8. Partner Integrations
     1.9. Azure Diagnostics
2. Get Started
     2.1. Get Started with Azure Monitor
     2.2. Roles Permissions and Security
3. How to
     3.1. Use alerts
          3.1.1. Configure alerts in Azure portal
          3.1.2. Configure alerts with CLI
          3.1.3. Configure alerts with PowerShell
          3.1.4. Configure a webhook on a metric alert
          3.1.5. Create a metric alert with a Resource Manager template
     3.2. Use autoscale
          3.2.1. Best Practices for autoscale
          3.2.2. Common metrics for autoscale
          3.2.3. Autoscale VM Scale Sets using Resource Manager templates
          3.2.4. Automatically scale machines in a virtual machine scale set
          3.2.5. Configure webhooks and email notifications on autoscale
     3.3. Use the activity log
          3.3.1. View events in activity log
          3.3.2. Configure alerts on an activity log event
          3.3.3. Archive activity log
          3.3.4. Stream activity log to Event Hubs
          3.3.5. Audit operations with Resource Manager
          3.3.6. Create activity log alerts with Resource Manager
     3.4. Service notifications
          3.4.1. View service notifications
          3.4.2. Configure alerts on service notifications
     3.5. Action Groups
          3.5.1. Learn about webhook schema
          3.5.2. SMS Alert behavior
          3.5.3. Alert Rate limiting
          3.5.4. Create action groups with Resource Manager
     3.6. Manage diagnostic logs
          3.6.1. Archive
          3.6.2. Stream to Event Hubs
          3.6.3. Enable Diagnostic Settings using Resource Manager templates
     3.7. Use the REST API
          3.7.1. Walkthrough using REST API
     3.8. Use Azure Diagnostics
          3.8.1. Send to Application Insights
          3.8.2. Send to Event Hubs
          3.8.3. Troubleshooting
4. Reference
     4.1. List of supported metrics
     4.2. Sources of monitoring data
     4.3. PowerShell
     4.4. .NET
     4.5. REST
     4.6. Azure Diagnostics extension version history
     4.7. Azure Diagnostics extension schema
          4.7.1. 1.0
          4.7.2. 1.2
          4.7.3. 1.3 to 1.7
5. Resources
     5.1. PowerShell samples
     5.2. Azure CLI 1.0 samples
     5.3. Videos

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3/31/2017 Azure Monitor 0:13:14
3/31/2017 Azure Monitor: Activity Log Alerts 0:03:41
3/29/2017 Monitor API Management with Azure Monitor 0:07:40
2/10/2017 Getting Started Azure Monitor 0:05:13
11/22/2016 Allrecipes and Monitoring on Azure 0:02:15
11/22/2016 Troubleshooting with Azure Monitor 0:02:24
11/17/2016 Introduction to the Azure Activity Log 0:15:55
10/28/2016 Get Started with Azure Monitor 0:05:12
10/5/2016 Azure Platform Monitoring Overview 0:42:00
9/28/2016 Explore Microsoft Azure monitoring and diagnostics 1:08:06

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