Service Description

Azure Monitor offers visualization, query, routing, alerting, autoscale, and automation on data both from the Azure infrastructure (Activity Log) and each individual Azure resource (Diagnostic Logs).

Getting Started

  1. 2/10/2017, Video, 0:05:13
    For a Guide to a Modern IT Environment, click: In this quick, 5-minute video we introduce Azure's new platform service for monitoring your...
  2. 10/5/2016, Video, 0:42:00
    For a Guide to a Modern IT Environment, click: See an overview of Azure monitoring and the various facilities it offers ranging from metrics,...
  3. 3/30/2017, Trainings
    In this course, Microsoft Azure IaaS Monitoring and Management - Getting Started, you'll learn the skills you need to keep your proverbial finger on the pulse of your...
  4. 3/31/2017, Video, 0:04:27
    Lead Azure engineer, Ashwin Kamath provides an overview of Azure Monitor, just released to GA, which gives you built-in platform monitoring for all-up visibility into the...
  5. 9/28/2016, Video, 1:08:06
    Learn about the core capabilities of Microsoft Azure Monitoring applicable to all Azure resources. Learn about the new capabilities of Azure monitoring in the Portal, ranging...

Azure Monitor News

1/16/2020, YouTube: Microsoft Ignite [0:16:32]
There are many ways to collect and ingest data to Azure Monitor. This session walks you through everything you need to understand how data flows from cloud and hybrid environments to Azure...
1/14/2020, Service Updates
An updated version of the Log Analytics (OMS) gateway in Azure Monitor is now available.
1/14/2020, YouTube: Microsoft Ignite [0:44:21]
The Microsoft cybersecurity reference architecture will be explained by demoing key components, starting with Azure Security Center for a cross platform visibility, protection and threat...
1/14/2020, YouTube: Microsoft Ignite [0:18:32]
Businesses need IT services that work, and that means Azure hosted applications that don't go down, slow down, or cost the earth. Azure Monitor – with Logs, Metrics, Alerts, Application Insights...
1/14/2020, YouTube: Microsoft Ignite [0:21:10]
As part of the Microsoft enterprise cloud migration, the company worked to modernize its infrastructure monitoring solutions—first from an on-premises infrastructure to Azure IaaS VMs, and then...
1/14/2020, YouTube: Microsoft Ignite [0:20:44]
Struggling to monitor your cloud network? Flying blind on the availability of the cloud? Don’t know where to start troubleshooting? Currently using one solution for monitoring networks in the...
1/14/2020, YouTube: Microsoft Ignite [0:44:31]
Making sense of application logs and metrics has been a challenge at Tailwind Traders. Some of the most common questions getting asked within the company are: “How do we know what we're looking...
1/14/2020, YouTube: Microsoft Ignite [0:52:11]
You have workloads running on Azure along with on-premises environments and need to have a holistic monitoring solution. You need to figure out the data sources, correlate the data, and analyze...
1/14/2020, YouTube: Microsoft Ignite [0:48:12]
In this session we look at some of the best practices we have learned from years of running customer workloads and also our own workloads on Azure. If you already use Azure Monitor, you will find...
1/14/2020, YouTube: Microsoft Ignite [0:44:39]
For more than 10 years, solvo it has provided Monitoring-as-a-Service for customers, based on System Center Operations Manager. The time has come to modernize this offering, and Azure Monitor is...
1/9/2020, Service Updates
The Service Map feature of Azure Monitor is now available in US Gov Virginia. It's now available in an additional eighteen public regions around the world.
12/18/2019, Microsoft Azure Blog
A few months ago, we posted a survey to gather feedback on your experience with metrics in Azure Portal.
12/17/2019, Service Updates
Azure Monitor for virtual machines (VMs) now stores computer-related and process-related data in dedicated data types, making it simpler to query against as well as offering quicker data ingestion.
12/13/2019, Microsoft Azure Blog
A few months ago, we posted a survey to gather feedback on your experience with metrics in the Azure portal. Thank you for participating and providing valuable suggestions.
11/26/2019, YouTube: dotNET Developer [0:17:22]
Azure SDK Releases Previewing Azure SDKs following new Azure SDK API...
11/19/2019, Service Updates
Azure Monitor for containers can now monitor and report health status of Kubernetes cluster infrastructure components and all nodes running on any Kubernetes cluster.
11/19/2019, Service Updates
We are now supporting in public preview monitoring for Azure Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes clusters in Azure Monitor for containers.
11/18/2019, Service Updates
Azure Event Grid now integrates with Azure Monitor alerts.
11/18/2019, Service Updates
Azure Event Grid now integrates with Azure Monitor alerts.
11/15/2019, YouTube: Microsoft Azure [0:10:30]
Keiko Harada joins Scott Hanselman to show how to use Prometheus to monitor containers in Azure Monitor. Prometheus is a popular open source metric monitoring solution and is a part of Cloud...