Using Logic Apps, workflows can be defined that consist of a sequence of API calls and the corresponding progressive processing of data, i.e., returns from an API can be used as call parameters for subsequent APIs. This enables the implementation of business processes that can include custom application logic (using independently developed APIs) and logic from various backend systems (via pre-built connectors loaded from the Marketplace and appropriately configured).

Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 1/23/2020, Video, 0:01:37
    Azure Logic Apps is a cloud service that automates the execution of your business processes. Take the free Microsoft Learn course to find out how you can utilize Logic Apps...
  2. 10/5/2018, Video, 0:20:29
    This session explores how to build custom integration solutions with Azure Logic Apps to automate, integrate, and manage your cloud native applications by leveraging various...
  3. 10/11/2017, Video, 1:11:42
    Logic Apps is built for enterprise integration which means mission critical 24x7 businesses like yours. In this session we cover our B2B and message processing capabilities,...
  4. 5/9/2018, Video, 0:20:49
    Messaging and process automation are key elements to architect microservice solutions. Learn how Azure Service Bus and Logic Apps can help you build cloud-native applications...
  5. 5/6/2018, Video, 1:11:42
    Make your colleagues gasp at how fast you can put together a sophisticated integration solution in no time using the power of Azure. Learn how our Azure integration services...
  6. 10/18/2018, Video, 1:18:32
    Learn how to seamlessly connect on-premises and cloud applications using 200+ out-of-the-box connectors, including SAP, Salesforce, Office 365, and Microsoft Dynamics. Azure...
  7. 5/6/2018, Video, 1:16:21
    Serverless applications are transforming the ways that developers are solving problems by radically increasing productivity and reducing operational friction. In this session,...


Learning Paths

Build automated workflows to integrate data and apps with Azure Logic Apps
Published: 5/23/2020, Length: 2:49:00
This learning path guides you through creation of serverless workflows for your organization using Azure Logic Apps, a cloud service that automates your business processes.
AZ-400: Develop an instrumentation strategy
Published: 6/25/2020, Length: 9:41:00
Develop an effective instrumentation strategy through logging, telemetry, and monitoring and prepare for Exam AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions.
Azure Fundamentals part 3: Describe core solutions and management tools on Azure
Published: 9/14/2020, Length: 2:54:00
Learn how to choose the best services from Azure to build and manage cloud solutions.

Learning Modules

Introduction to Azure Logic Apps
Published: 5/23/2020, Length: 0:28:00

Azure Logic Apps News

10/20/2020, MS Tech Community
Long-running Stored Procedures for Power Platform SQL Connector   The SQL Server connector in Power Platform exposes a wide range of backend features that can be accessed easily with the Logic...
9/24/2020, Azure Podcast
The team is fortunate to have to have Tom Kerkhove, an Azure Architect with and more importantly, a maintainer of the KEDA project. He talks to use about the need for autoscaling...
9/22/2020, Service Updates
Logic Apps is now updated with new hosting options and performance and development improvements that will enable you to build modern workflow-enabled apps.
The Internet of Things Event Learning Path is designed for Solution Architects, Business Decision Makers, and Development teams that are interested in building IoT Solutions with Azure Services....
7/21/2020, Service Updates
Use Azure Logic Apps and Power Automate to create automated workflows using hundreds of actions for a variety of services. The Azure Monitor logs connector is now generally available—use it to...
5/13/2020, Service Updates
App Service is now an events publisher with Event Grid, enabling developers to subscribe to events from their web apps or app service plans and act using Azure Functions, Logic Apps, webhooks,...