Azure Functions is a solution for easily running small pieces of code, or "functions," in the cloud. You can write just the code you need for the problem at hand, without worrying about a whole application or the infrastructure to run it. Functions can make development even more productive, and you can use your development language of choice, such as C#, Java, JavaScript, PowerShell, and Python. Pay only for the time your code runs and trust Azure to scale as needed. Azure Functions lets you develop serverless applications on Microsoft Azure.

Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 9/22/2016, Video, 0:02:39
    Learn how to use the new Azure Functions serverless architecture
  2. 11/5/2019, Video, 0:45:00
    Tailwind Traders is curious about the concept behind “serverless” computing – the idea that they can run small pieces of code in the cloud, without having to worry about the...
  3. 4/22/2016, Video, 0:53:46
    Azure Functions introduces an event driven, compute-on-demand experience that builds on Azure’s market leading PaaS platform. Come and experience how Azure Functions extends...
  4. 11/9/2016, Video, 0:11:00
    Chris Anderson with Azure functions and getting started. No more scaling.
  5. 3/27/2016, Video, 0:19:30
    Azure functions is a new PaaS service which allows you to write "functions," short pieces of code in the language of your choosing which respond to and process events. In this...
  6. 9/12/2017, Video, 0:25:49
    You've heard the "serverless" buzzword, but do you know why it matters? In this session, you'll learn about Azure Functions, Microsoft's serverless compute offering. It...
  7. 5/6/2018, Video, 1:16:21
    Serverless applications are transforming the ways that developers are solving problems by radically increasing productivity and reducing operational friction. In this session,...
  8. 2/10/2017, Video, 1:11:06
    Microsoft Azure Functions empowers developers to focus on writing the bare minimum of code, while abstracting away common problems. Via Azure Functions' serverless,...
  9. 11/23/2017, Video, 0:31:31
    In this episode, Dmitry is joined by Jeremy Likness for a discussion of Azure Functions, which provide the powerful capability to merge events and code to quickly deploy micro...


Learning Paths

AZ-400: Develop an instrumentation strategy
Published: 6/25/2020, Length: 9:41:00
Develop an effective instrumentation strategy through logging, telemetry, and monitoring and prepare for Exam AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions.
Azure Fundamentals part 1: Describe core Azure concepts
Published: 9/14/2020, Length: 1:34:00
This learning path provides you with an introduction to the basics of Azure cloud computing and Azure architecture.
Create serverless applications
Published: 9/24/2018, Length: 8:11:00
In this learning path, discover Azure Functions that create event-driven, compute-on-demand systems using server-side logic to build serverless architectures.

Learning Modules

Publish an API to Azure Static Web Apps
Published: 9/25/2020, Length: 0:27:00
Develop an App using the Maven Plugin for Azure Functions
Published: 4/1/2020, Length: 0:44:00

Azure Functions News

11/18/2020, MS Tech Community
Earlier this year, I explained our principles about Azure PowerShell releases. On October 27, we released a major version update whose significant change was in performing the authentication to...
11/17/2020, MS Tech Community
Abstract: In this session we will be introducing you to Azure SignalR Service. We will learn how and where to leverage the Azure SignalR Service, where you won't have  any limitation and...
11/16/2020, MS Tech Community
Web Development for Beginners now available! Azure Cloud Advocates at Microsoft are pleased to offer a 12-week, 24-lesson curriculum all about JavaScript, CSS, and HTML basics. Each lesson...
Microsoft Azure has a strong and active partnership with Datadog, the leading cloud-based monitoring and observability platform. Recently, Datadog and Azure teamed up to significantly reduce...
11/16/2020, MS Tech Community
Are you interested in wanting to leverage AI services and learn more about what’s on offer? Wanting to explore what it takes to get your Azure AI Fundamentals Certification? If so, this event is...
11/15/2020, MS Tech Community
There is an open-source project that generates an Open API document on-the-fly on an Azure Functions app. The open-source project also provides a NuGet package library. This project has been...
11/12/2020, Azure App Service
The 2020 Q3 update to Azure App Service on Azure Stack Hub is now available. This release updates the resource provider and brings the following key capabilities and fixes:
11/11/2020, MS Tech Community
In our previous post about the Azure Logic Apps (Preview) extension for Visual Studio Code, we provided an deep dive into how the redesigned Logic Apps runtime is hosted as an extension on the...
11/11/2020, MS Tech Community
Imagine you build an API only to realize later down the road, your documentation for it isn’t kept up to date and you are now spending more time trying to figure how it works than it took to...
11/11/2020, MS Tech Community
Welcome to the October update of Java Azure Tools! This is the first blog post for a new monthly update series for all the Azure tooling support we are providing for Java users, covering...
11/2/2020, Service Updates
Using Azure API Management extension for Visual Studio Code, you can now generate Azure Functions. This will help you scaffold all the necessary functions for your API based on the API definitions.
10/30/2020, MS Tech Community
The Xamarin Podcast Episode 80: Seeing AIMatt Soucoup Seeing AI is an app for iOS that narrates the world around you. And it's built with Xamarin and Azure. In this episode of the Xamarin...
10/30/2020, MS Tech Community
Quick thank you to all who have been bringing news items to our team's attention.  News covered this week includes Microsoft announces Azure PowerShell 5.0, Microsoft and Intel commit to...
10/29/2020, MS Tech Community
For the recently released Azure Logic Apps (Preview) extension for Visual Studio Code, the Logic Apps team redesigned the Azure Logic Apps runtime architecture for portability and performance....
10/22/2020, MS Tech Community
Many organizations have long standing security mandates to rotate application secrets. These secrets can range from specific identify passwords to service access keys. As more enterprises move...
9/11/2020, The Xamarin Podcast
This month James and Matt talk about new Microsoft Learn modules on the Surface Duo. The continuing saga of the Xamarin.Forms Shell quick tips. Of course it's a new month and that means there's...
7/21/2020, Service Updates
A new capability (in preview) allows you to configure your Azure App Service and Azure Functions apps for login authentication through any OpenID Connect provider.