Azure Digital Twins Preview is an Azure IoT service that creates comprehensive models of the physical environment. It can create spatial intelligence graphs to model the relationships and interactions between people, spaces, and devices. With Azure Digital Twins, you can query data from a physical space rather than from many disparate sensors. This service helps you build reusable, highly scalable, spatially aware experiences that link streaming data across the digital and physical world. Your apps are enhanced by these uniquely relevant contextual features.

Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 10/11/2018, Video, 0:11:47
    Here is an introduction to Azure Digital Twins, a new Azure service announced recently. What are Digital Twins? What is this new PaaS service about? Daniel Escapa tells us all...
  2. 11/6/2018, Video, 0:16:33
    We recently announced the public preview of Azure Digital Twins, a new platform for comprehensive digital models and spatially aware solutions that can be applied to any...


Learning Paths

Develop with Azure Digital Twins
Published: 12/14/2020, Length: 3:33:00
Azure Digital Twins is the new wave of innovation that helps unlock advanced scenarios in IoT and beyond, enabling you to evolve from connected assets to connected environments. It is used to help you create digital replicas (models) of entire environments. These environments could be buildings, factories, farms, energy networks, railways, stadiums, wearables, smart spaces, hospitals, hotels,...
Extend IoT solutions by using Azure Digital Twins
Published: 12/1/2021, Length: 3:32:00
Extend IoT solutions by using Azure Digital Twins

Learning Modules

Output from Azure Digital Twins to Downstream Services
Published: 11/30/2020, Length: 0:52:00
Introduction to Azure Digital Twins
Published: 1/8/2021, Length: 0:44:00
Configure 3D assets for mixed reality in Unity
Published: 5/12/2021, Length: 0:41:00

Azure Digital Twins News

5/20/2022, MS Tech Community
  Microsoft Project Bonsai has partnered with Ansys to integrate Ansys Digital Twin with the Bonsai platform. The integration brings new opportunities for Ansys customers to unlock new levels of...
To answer business questions in manufacturing, supply chain, and other domains, customers often need to combine Information Technology (IT) data with Operational Technology (OT) data. This means...
5/13/2022, MS Tech Community
This month, The MVP Blog is shining a spotlight on some of the MVP community’s developer-focused initiatives around the world.   February saw two of our famous local developer events: Austrian...
It’s Spring! Chery trees are in full bloom (at least in my backyard), weather is warming up (in the northern hemisphere) and Build is just around the corner. If you have not done so yet, register...
Access, visualize and analyze digitally modeled environments as they change over time   As the virtual and physical worlds come together, we are seeing the emergence of a new platform layer...
Microsoft Technology Centers has partnered with Kagool to demonstrate an end-to end field service management solution combining Azure Percept DK, AI, IoT, Cognitive Services and Mixed Reality...
11/30/2021, MS Tech Community
Microsoft Ignite 2021 took place online November 2-5. This fall edition was full of dev news, and if you don’t want to miss anything related to App development and innovation, keep reading!...