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  1. 10/3/2016, Webpage
    Data Lake Store is a hyper-scale repository for big data analytic workloads that stores every type of data regardless of its size, structure, or how fast it is ingested. This...
  2. 10/3/2016, Webpage
    Azure Data Lake Analytics is built to make big data analytics easy. This service lets you focus on writing, running and managing jobs, rather than operating distributed...
  3. 11/21/2016, Mva
    Wondering how Azure Data Lake enables developer productivity? Get the details in this course, which explores the sophisticated tooling and language design in Azure Data Lake....
  4. 8/6/2017, Mva
    Whether you’re brand new to Azure Data Lake or already developing on the system, don’t miss this lively and helpful course hosted by expert Nishant Thacker, who promises tons...
  5. 9/28/2017, Video, 1:12:13
    Microsoft Azure provides a broad range of services for working with data. Using these services well requires knowing at least a little bit about all of them. In this session,...

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Date Title
8/6/2017 Introducing Azure Data Lake
5/24/2017 Processing Big Data with Azure Data Lake Analytics
5/24/2017 Orchestrating Big Data with Azure Data Factory
11/21/2016 Introducing Azure Data Lake


Tool Description
Azure Data Lake Store PowerShell Toolkit Working with the Azure Data Lake Store can sometimes be difficult, especially when performing actions on several items. PowerShell can be used to perform various tasks. This toolkit contains several scripts, which makes automation in the Data Lake a little easier
Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio
AdlCopy Tool zum Kopieren von Daten zwischen Azure Blob Storage und Azure Data Lake Store


Date Title Length
1/30/2018 AtScale on Azure HDInsight 0:09:48
12/4/2017 Cloud Tech 10 - 4th December 2017 - Location Based Services, Azure Migrate and more! 0:04:26
11/17/2017 Large-scale data processing in Azure Data Lake 0:06:22
11/15/2017 Core concepts of U-SQL batch query execution in Data Lake Analytics 0:07:25
11/15/2017 Large-scale data processing in Azure Data Lake 0:06:21
9/29/2017 Architect your big data solutions with SQL Data Warehouse and Azure Analysis Services 1:08:16
9/29/2017 Run Python, R and .NET code at Data Lake scale with U-SQL in Azure Data Lake 1:04:31
9/28/2017 Modernizing ETL with Azure Data Lake: Hyperscale, multi-format, multi-platform, and intelligent 1:19:02
9/28/2017 Data on Azure: The big picture 1:12:13
8/7/2017 Cloud Tech 10 - 7th August 2017 - ASE v2, Azure Functions with R, Free Data Lake Training and more! 0:06:33

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