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DNS domains can be hosted in Azure using Azure DNS. The service uses a global network of name servers to provide high performance for requests.

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  1. Introducing Microsoft Azure DNS
    5/19/2015, Video, 1:09:56

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Azure Documentation

1. Overview
     1.1. What is Azure DNS?
     1.2. DNS zones and records
     1.3. DNS delegation with Azure DNS
     1.4. DNS FAQ
2. Get Started
     2.1. Create a DNS zone and record
          2.1.1. Portal
          2.1.2. PowerShell
          2.1.3. Azure CLI 1.0
          2.1.4. Azure CLI 2.0
     2.2. Delegate your domain to Azure DNS
     2.3. Create custom DNS records for a web app
3. How to
     3.1. Manage DNS zones
          3.1.1. PowerShell
          3.1.2. Azure CLI
     3.2. Manage DNS records
          3.2.1. PowerShell
          3.2.2. Azure CLI
     3.3. Manage reverse DNS records
          3.3.1. Azure CLI
          3.3.2. PowerShell
     3.4. Import and export a DNS zone file
     3.5. Integrate with other Azure services
     3.6. Protect DNS zones and records
     3.7. Automate DNS operations with the .NET SDK
     3.8. Troubleshoot
          3.8.1. Troubleshooting guide
4. Reference
     4.1. PowerShell
     4.2. Azure CLI
     4.3. .NET
     4.4. Java
     4.5. Node.js
     4.6. Ruby
     4.7. Python
     4.8. REST
5. Related
     5.1. Application Gateway
     5.2. Virtual Network
     5.3. Virtual Machine
     5.4. Load Balancer
     5.5. Traffic Manager
     5.6. Web apps
6. Resources
     6.1. Service updates
     6.2. Pricing
     6.3. MSDN forum
     6.4. Networking blog

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9/30/2016 Use managed domain services on Microsoft Azure 0:59:45
5/19/2015 Introducing Microsoft Azure DNS 1:09:56


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