Learning Paths

Manage resources in Azure
Published: 9/24/2018, Length: 5:02:00
Learn how to work with the Azure command line and web portal to create, manage, and control cloud based resources.
AZ-104: Manage identities and governance in Azure
Published: 5/14/2020, Length: 7:17:00
Learn how to manage identities and governance in Azure and prepare for Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator.
Control Azure spending and manage bills with Azure Cost Management + Billing
Published: 6/30/2020, Length: 3:19:00
Learn how to monitor and control your Azure spending and optimize the use of Azure resources.

Learning Modules

Analyze costs and create budgets with Azure Cost Management
Published: 11/20/2019, Length: 0:40:00
Predict costs and optimize spending for Azure
Published: 3/31/2020, Length: 1:14:00
Save money with Azure Reserved Instances
Published: 5/13/2020, Length: 0:34:00

Azure Cost Management News

As April comes to a close, you'll find new summarized totals in the cost analysis preview, the ability to download Azure prices as a ZIP file, six new and updated previews, a whopping 17 new ways...
4/25/2022, MS Tech Community
The product team has been busy working on fundamental improvements for the service to boost performance, reliability, and scalability. It has been a multi-quarter effort, and we’re excited to...
We are excited to announce major updates to Azure Lab Services including enhanced lab creation and improved backend reliability, access performance, extended virtual network support, easier labs...
The Enterprise Agreement billing account management experience in the Azure portal is now generally available, there are two new preview features (including anomaly alerts), nine new and updated...
3/11/2022, MS Tech Community
permalink:   Microsoft Azure includes many cost features that can help an independent software vendor (ISV) with Cost Management on Azure.  In this video, we present...
3/11/2022, MS Tech Community
Hello Folks, We are back with AzUpdate.  We took some time off the last couple of weeks in support of the Ukrainian people. This week we are back, but still, carry them in our hearts.   Vinícius...
February expanded the anomaly detection preview to all subscriptions, introduced two new GA offers to save money, two new learning resources, and one documentation update.
2/26/2022, Azure Podcast
Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect Stephen Kaufman gives us valuable insights into the considerations for making applications 'Cloud Native' when hosting them on Azure.    Media...
2/10/2022, MS Tech Community
Hello folks   I partnered with the product group and actual IT professionals outside of Microsoft to create a video series where we look at Azure Lighthouse and its benefits from a variety of...
Whether you're a new student, a thriving startup, or the largest enterprise, you have financial constraints, and you need to know what you're spending, where you're spending it, and how to plan...
1/12/2022, MS Tech Community
Today Data Exposed goes live at 9AM PT on LearnTV. Every 4 weeks, we’ll do a News Update. We’ll include product updates, videos, blogs, etc. as well as upcoming events and things to look out for....
As we mentioned last year, 2021 was all about modernization and transition to Microsoft Customer Agreement. While many of those investments are still in the early stages, you also saw many...
11/30/2021, Microsoft Azure Blog
November comes to a close with the long-awaited ability to subscribe to scheduled cost emails, new cost recommendations for Azure Data Explorer and Cosmos DB, and 10 new cost saving...